18 Kin otome gēmu de, teisō o mamorinukimasu!

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What karma, in the world of an 18+ otome game, [HONEY OF TEMPTATION: PREMONITION OF INDECENCY], I, Rina, reincarnated as a mob character. In here, if you had sex, with or without consent, you have to get married to your partner or else. Moreover, the conquerable targets are all YANDERE!? I say that but I’m just a no-name mob character. As long as I don’t get close to the conquerable targets, I’ll be able to lead a peaceful life…. Was what Rina was thinking but, the targets are somehow forcibly trying to get close!? —— To forcibly be married to a yandere is unthinkable! Aim for an unmarried livelihood, a happy single life! In a world where you’ll be attacked in a flash when you show an opening, will Rina be able to protect her chastity to the end!?
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