An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods

Other name: No other name
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Shounen, Xuanhuan
Author: AbyssalVoidLord
Translator: Qidian International
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 47,780
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Chapter 205: The Furry Chapter 204: Exam Chapter 204: (Info Dump Chapter) - Chapter 203: I'm not dead... Actual Chapter Chapter 203: Holy Devils Chapter 200: Holy Devil Island Chapter 199: Divine Myriad Spirit River Chapter 198: River Of Everlasting Blood Chapter 197: Q/A - [3] - Answering Chapter 196: Titles will return to normal soon... - Chapter 194: Ronaldo is a Rapist. Chapter 192: Im de must populer writur in da wubsite Chapter 192: I shall Fart the Heavens Chapter 191: Your father probably got cuckolded Chapter 190: Who wants Ligma Balls? Chapter 189: Did you already subscribe to Pewds? Chapter 188: Subscribe to Pewdiepie Chapter 187: Talking To Nie Li Chapter 186: I'm too lazy to put proper titles it seems... :V Chapter 185: I'm Sick again guys T-T Chapter 184: Reviving Mother.. Chapter 182: I'm fucking tired. Chapter 181: Boiiis, MESSI IS DA GOAT REMEMBER?! Chapter 180: Lionel Messi is the GOAT Chapter 179: Another One. Chapter 178: Death OF the Old Demon Lord Chapter 177: YOU THINK it's OVER?! Chapter 176: Why u gotta make me do dis Nie Li? I hate u Chapter 175: I hate you all, drying my stacked chapters/ Kinda Rushed But Who Cares? Not Me. Chapter 174: My Main Character is Actually a Jerk. Chapter 173: 1 Power Stone = 1 Thanks Good She Died for Zhu Ruo Chapter 172: Goodbye Zhu Ruo XD Chapter 171: Kaiser Chapter 170: The Day Has Come... Chapter 170: Good Boy. Chapter 169: Last Chapter Before MASSIVE Update Chapter 169: Another Chapter I guess Chapter 168: Final Announcement Of This Series... Chapter 168: Confusing Feelings Chapter 167: God? Chapter 166: ~~~~ Chapter 165: Zhu Xian's Demise Chapter 164: I GOT YOU ALL HAHAHAHA! Chapter 163: 2nd Week of the Game Ends Chapter 162: Final Chapter Of The Week....Sad News in AN Chapter 160: Treasury Chapter 159: Any Ideas what to title my chapters? Chapter 158: A Dragooooooooon. Chapter 157: How To Be OP. Chapter 156: A dying star Chapter 155: Fighting It Chapter 155: A battle. Chapter 154: Creator Of the Shrine Chapter 154: Abyssal Twelve Winged Lion Chapter 153: Q/A - Answering [2] Chapter 152: Purgatory Shrine Chapter 151: Soaring Dragon Chapter 150: Purgatory Mountain Range Chapter 149: The Human Territory Chapter 148: War Deity Temple Chapter 147: Abandoned Castle Chapter 146: Purgatory Lands... Coming soon Chapter 145: Spy. Chapter 143: Purgatory Lands Chapter 142: New Master...? Chapter 141: Nether Master Chapter 140: The Black Infernal Tower's climbing continues. Chapter 139: Questions For the 2nd Q/A! Chapter 138: Some Training to get warm. Chapter 137: Continuing The Black Infernal Tower Chapter 136: Entering The Black Infernal Tower Chapter 136: Anatta Mental State Chapter 135: Original Arc incoming. Chapter 134: A bit more excitement I guess. Chapter 133: Shen Tian's bored Chapter 132: Ye Han's Death Chapter 131: Glory City Chapter 130: Q/A - ANSWERING Chapter 130: Freeing someone Chapter 129: Returning To Glory City Chapter 129: Glory City, Shen Tian has returned! Chapter 126: Nether Realm - [2] Chapter 125: Nether Realm Chapter 125: Final Poll Chapter 124: Primal Chaos Chapter 123: Spiritual Gods Chapter 122: Nie Li and Shen Tian talk. Chapter 121: Liu Dan's Service. Chapter 121: Leaving the Underground Region Chapter 120: A proper Ending...? Chapter 119: Send More Power!! Chapter 118: Send Nudes. Chapter 117: Supreme Quality Dump! Chapter 116: Bored already mate. Chapter 115: Continuing... Chapter 114: Another Twist, anybody getting tired of those? Chapter 113: This is happening too many times... Chapter 112: Bored. Chapter 111: Another Twist! Chapter 110: A surprise after another surprise Chapter 109: Was it worth it? Chapter 108: Intense Talks. Chapter 107: City Lord's Fall Chapter 106: War Continues! Chapter 105: The Battle with The Devil Monarch! Chapter 105: POLL IS OVER! Chapter 104: The War begins! Chapter 103: What Happened...? Chapter 102: Sit back and enjoy. Chapter 101: Next Fanfiction... Chapter 100: Demon Sanctuary declares war! Chapter 99: Being as Shameless as possible. Chapter 98: Underestimating. Chapter 97: POLL Chapter 96: His Move. Chapter 95: Announcement... Chapter 94: A Decoy. Chapter 93: Snow Lotus...? Chapter 92: Alchemy Guild Chapter 91: City Lord's Appearance Chapter 90: Surprising Ending Chapter 89: Gaining Face Chapter 88: Losing Face Chapter 87: City Lord's Birthday. Chapter 86: Demon Sanctuary Chapter 85: Two Things to be happy for. Chapter 84: Last Resort! Chapter 83: Jing Ye's Anger Chapter 82: The End of the Fight Chapter 81: The Final Boss Wins? Chapter 80: The Final Boss Chapter 79: Continuing The Dungeon. Chapter 78: The End Of The Battle! Chapter 77: An Amazing Battle. Chapter 76: Healing And Fighting A Man. Chapter 75: Elder Sheng Chapter 74: In the Dungeon Chapter 73: Another Battle! Chapter 72: Journey to the Dungeons~ Chapter 71: Earning a Fortune Chapter 70: A fool. Chapter 69: The Invitation Chapter 68: Chilling. Chapter 67: A Harsh Storm Incoming. Chapter 66: Moments of Peace Chapter 65: Unfortunate Chapter 64: A shame. Chapter 63: The White Tiger Family Chapter 62: Underestimating Shen Tian leads to massive damage! Chapter 61: The Black Lion Family. Chapter 60: The Beginning Chapter 59: The City. Chapter 58: The Path Chapter 57: The Ruins. Chapter 56: Journey To The... Chapter 55: A New Chapter in Life Chapter 54: Scout Division Chapter 53: Susanoo Chapter 52: Subdued. Chapter 51: Seeking Benefits Among Danger Chapter 50: The Thunder God's Meteorite Sword. Chapter 49: The Winner.. Chapter 48: The Battle For the Finals! Chapter 47: The Tournament Begins! Chapter 46: The Divine Family's Tournament Chapter 45: A Demon Spirit To Someone Chapter 44: The Fall. Chapter 43: I want you Dead! Chapter 42: Sacred Family Compound Chapter 42: *WARNING* Hentai Scenes - **** ETC * WARNING* - Not Canon Chapter 41: An Unexpected Ending. Chapter 40: End Of The Year Examination Chapter 39: Military Ground's Treasury Chapter 38: A Day With... Chapter 37: Exploring The Tomb Chapter 36: The Ruins Chapter 35: Ancient Ruins Chapter 34: Leaving Glory City, Starting An Adventure! Chapter 33: Shen Tian's Soul Form Chapter 32: Ancient City Ruins Chapter 31: Purple Haze Grass Chapter 30: Sacred Family Chapter 29: A Week Later. Chapter 28: Dark Ruins Chapter 27: Xiao Ning'er Disease Chapter 26: Training Ground Chapter 25: Money is not an Issue Chapter 24: The Bet Of Three People. Chapter 23: Holy Orchid Institute Chapter 22: Feng Hao's New Cultivation Technique. Chapter 21: The Pickpocket With a Rare Talent. Chapter 20: Shen Tian's Fiance. Chapter 19: The Event Chapter 18: Rage Of a Man Chapter 17: A Win Nonetheless Chapter 16: Use Of Perfection. Chapter 15: Your Answer is? Chapter 14: The Changes Chapter 13: Fear Chapter 12: The First Fight, Martial Arts put to use. Chapter 11: Planning Chapter 10: Misfortune...Or Fortune? Chapter 9: The Project For the Holy Orchid Institute Chapter 8: The City Lord Faction Chapter 7: The Alchemy Association Chapter 6: The Passage Of Time Chapter 5: The Change In The Soul. Chapter 4: Banquet Chapter 3: The Journey Of a Legend Begins Chapter 2: Growing Up Chapter 1: Rebirth c-1: [Glossary] - Contains Spoilers!
His First Life was as an Ordinary Human on Earth.In His Second Life, he was an Immortal God, a vanquisher of his enemies,an Overlord.At his Third Life, he learned how to use Chakra, and became a being surpassing Gods.Now, in his fourth life, he was reborn in the TDG world, how will he react to this Mysterious World?P.S I don't own Book Cover, all rights go to the proper writer of TDG,Mad Snail.
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