Aogan no Madoushi

Other name: The Warlock with Blue-Eyes, 蒼眼の魔道士
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
Author: Kamishima Yamato, 神島大和
Translator: Wysteria Translations
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Views: 752
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A populated city built on the ocean. Floating city East Float. A student living there, Yoshino Yuuto, obtained a bracelet capable of activating magic, [Rune Bracelet]. Alongside the vigilante group [Shangrila], who uses the bracelets’ power to maintain peace on the streets, and the days of fighting otherworldly, demonic beasts that appear. However, Yuuto seems to be unable to activate magic. One day, during the [ Ripping Demon Incident] that happened at the amusement park, involving Yuuto and his best friend, Iwai Isana. Yuuto confronted it to protect Isana but, being one that can’t use magic, he naturally stands before death’s door. And in that despairing struggle for life appeared a mysterious girl, Tomi Arisa. With this meeting, Yoshino Yuuto’s fate takes a giant change. Its a contemporary magical battle fantasy of [Ideals (Lies)] and [Ideals (Wishes)] !!
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