Other name: Beyond Another Darkness
Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural
Author: Keishi Ayasato, 綾里 けいし
Translator: KitaKami Ooi
Date Released: 2010
Status: Ongoing
Views: 907
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“How can you call someone insane if they’re not even arbitrarily murdering other people?” she said while holding a bar of chocolate in one of her hands. Mayuzumi Azaka, an arrogant, cold hearted, self-willed picky eater is also a fourteen-year-old girl with supernatural powers. Holding her red paper umbrella, dressed in her Gothic Lolita fashion, she smiled at me. A smile that seems to bring me into a deeper despair. And then under a blooming cherry blossom, she spoke to me “Stay by my side.” A cruel and painful, ugly and beautiful mysterious fantasy is about to begin!
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