Ballad of Ten Thousand Gu

Other name: Ballad of Ten Thousand Gu, Ru Gu Xiang Si, Wan Gu Yao, 万蛊谣, 如蛊相思
Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Supernatural, Xuanhuan
Author: Ye Xiao, 叶笑
Translator: catharcity
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Views: 1,088
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Before she jumped into the pond filled with ten thousand venomous creatures, Ah Lai asked her, ‘Did you ever regret meeting him?’ Su Bai watched her quietly. After a long moment, she lifted her lips and smiled. ‘It was the greatest blessing of my life to have met him.’ And she leapt off the steps. She thought: no matter how difficult her love was, no matter how she hated and then despaired, in this life, she was immensely fortunate. Because she had once loved a person so deeply. Even if, he had never loved her.
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