Battle of Ascension

Other name: No other name
Genre: Fantasy
Author: HotIce
Translator: Unknown
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 22,985
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Chapter 197: Title at the botttom Chapter 196: The First Clash (3) Chapter 195: The First Clash (2) Chapter 194: The First Clash (1) Chapter 193: Private Guard Crimson Princess Chapter 192: Meeting King Chapter 191: Mission Card Chapter 190: Infernal Blade, Entering the Gateway Trial Chapter 189: Making a Deal Chapter 188: Hermit Varikh Chapter 187: 20th Day - Leveling Up Chapter 186: 19th Day - Leveling Up the Fire Seed Chapter 185: 19th Day - Elemental Power Chapter 184: 19th Day - Opening Ascension Chest Chapter 183: 19th day - Killing Xyrrass Chapter 182: 18th Day - Evolving the Sword Mastery Chapter 181: 17th Day - Named Beast Chapter 180: 17th Day - Skeleton Army Chapter 179: 16th Day - Malang Territory Chapter 178: 15th day - Stonehenge? Chapter 177: Torturous Day - Stuck in the Semarang Territory Chapter 176: Sixth Day - Elemental Chapter 175: Fifth Day - Cirebon Territory Chapter 174: Fourth Day - Mbah Jambrong Chapter 173: Fourth Day - Harvesting EXP, Encountering an Old Man Chapter 172: Fourth Day - The Capering White Pillow Chapter 171: Third Day - Energy Core Chapter 170: Second Day - Ghost! Chapter 169: Second Day - Hihihihihi Chapter 168: First Day - Eating New Delicacy Chapter 167: Hehe Hehe Chapter 166: You Shall... Chapter 165: Uncle! I'm Back Chapter 164: Hot Chick Operation Chapter 163: Boss! There is a Beauty Looking for You Chapter 162: Thank You Chapter 161: Dowry Chapter 160: Commotion Chapter 159: Crack in Dragon Dynasty? Chapter 158: Gusti's Girlfriend Chapter 157: Meeting an Aquaintance and the Unexpected Chapter 156: Free Service Chapter 155: Zhen Yi's Resolve Chapter 154: Level Ranking Chapter 153: Unexpected Discovery Chapter 152: Revenge Part Two Chapter 151: What? Twelve? Chapter 150: Mika's Verdict Chapter 149: Argument Chapter 148: Primeval Nether Wolf's Judgment Chapter 147: Avenged Chapter 146: Fierce Fight (4) Chapter 145: Fierce Fight (3) Chapter 144: Fierce Fight, Primeval Nether Wolf's Skills Chapter 143: Fierce Fight, Mythical Bloodline Chapter 142: [Primeval Nether Wolf] Chapter 141: Found You! Chapter 140: They Are in Danger Chapter 139: The First and Last Chapter 138: Eh!? The Spies Chapter 137: Randy's Purge Chapter 136: Indeed Stinky Chapter 135: Looking for the Territory King Chapter 134: [Insidious Red Canine] Chapter 133: Ascended Equipment Chapter 132: Wanted to Scare Certain Monster Chapter 131: Change Role!? Chapter 130: Cutting a 'Horn' Chapter 129: Randy's Worries, Thought, Feeling Chapter 128: The Greater Duskwings' Scheme Chapter 127: Pleaded Chapter 126: Playing a Little Chapter 125: Trap Chapter 124: Green Ingot Chapter 123: Mika's Talent? Chapter 122: Reaction Chapter 121: The Ant That Surpassed the Dragon Chapter 120: Endless Chapter 119: Duskwings Chapter 118: A Gift From Shana? Chapter 117: Level Up Chapter 116: Bullying The Territory King Chapter 115: Come Here, Get the EXP Chapter 114: It's Our Benefactor Chapter 113: Skill Scrolls Chapter 112: Wrong Direction? Chapter 111: Discovery Chapter 110: Weird Building Chapter 109: Evergreen City Chapter 108: Garuda Chapter 107: Magical Sphere, Urgent Matter Chapter 106: Claiming a Territory Chapter 105: Beheaded Chapter 104: Generous Reward, Familiar Face Chapter 103: Too Exhausted Chapter 102: My Butt Hurt So Badly Chapter 101: The Green Lord Chapter 100: Back to the Ruined City Chapter 99: Rune Effect Chapter 98: Rune Chapter 97: I Am Rune Master Chapter 96: Bossleaderchief Chapter 95: The Hottest Chick Chapter 94: Infernal Set Chapter 93: The Lonely Champion Chapter 92: The Roar That Sounded to the Whole City Chapter 91: New Member of Happy Guild Chapter 90: Ran Away??? Chapter 89: Fight Against Zi Fang Chapter 88: The Top 8 Prize Chapter 87: Free Kick Chapter 86: It's Time to Show Off Chapter 85: The End of the Dragon Dynasty's Offender Chapter 84: Confrontation Chapter 83: Joyful, Fun, and Satisfied Chapter 82: Ugh, He's Dead Already Chapter 81: Battle Royale Chapter 80: Vanished Chapter 79: First Match Chapter 78: The Reasons Chapter 77: Territory King Chapter 76: Just Leave It to My Mom Chapter 75: You Are More Delicious Chapter 74: The Taste of the Consequent? Chapter 73: The Ascension Tournament Chapter 72: [Ice Fury] Chapter 71: Blocking The Way Chapter 70: Elder Zhan Peng Chapter 69: Back Home Chapter 68: New Feeling Chapter 67: Imitating the Monster Chapter 66: Red Goblin Chapter 65: New Place for Hunting Chapter 64: [Demon Kolor Ijo Slayer] Chapter 63: Killing Rare Monster Chapter 62: Being Looked Down Chapter 61: The Second Title Chapter 60: Resolve Chapter 59: Guild Chapter 58: Establishing Guild Chapter 57: Skill Evolution Chapter 56: Battle System New Update Chapter 55: Kill!!! Chapter 54: Yang Zhankong Chapter 53: Guild Establishment Permit Chapter 52: Restaurant Chapter 51: Overconfident Chapter 50: Plan Chapter 49: Telling The Truth Chapter 48: Gaining 23 Million Chapter 47: End of The Auction Chapter 46: Auction (4) Chapter 45: Auction (3) Chapter 44: Auction (2) Chapter 43: Auction (1) Chapter 42: [Darkness] Chapter 41: Mystery Box Chapter 40: Weird Behavior of the Monsters Chapter 39: Auction [Black Wildcat Essence Blood], Isa The Appraisal Chapter 38: Hunting Uncommon Monster Chapter 37: Humaniod Monster Chapter 36: New Method Practice Chapter 35: Compete For Legendary Weapon Chapter 34: News of Auction Legendary Weapon Chapter 33: [Black Wildcat Essence Blood] Chapter 32: Fighting Another Uncommon Beast Chapter 31: Elder Black Wildcat Chapter 30: Shop Location Chapter 29: New Friends Chapter 28: Black Wildcat Chapter 27: Officially Chapter 26: Discussion Chapter 25: "I Like You" Chapter 24: Auction House Chapter 23: Legendary Grade Weapon Chapter 22: Buy New Equipment Chapter 21: First Night (2) Chapter 20: First Night Chapter 19: 200 Luck Gone??? Chapter 18: Future Wife!? Chapter 17: Beautiful Yet Unreasonable Chapter 16: Bloodline Transformation, Chaos Dragon Bloodline Chapter 15: [Chaos Dragon Essence Blood] Chapter 14: Jackpot? Potion Strength? Chapter 13: Treasure Chest, Ascension Chest Chapter 12: [Demonic Rabbit Slayer] Chapter 11: Queen of Demonic Rabbit Chapter 10: Fero the Manager Restaurant, First Income Chapter 9: Slaughtering Demonic Rabbit Chapter 8: Allocating Stats Points Chapter 7: Level Ranking Chapter 6: Killing Demonic Rabbit Chapter 5: [Silver Sword] Chapter 4: Hidden Stats Chapter 3: Learning New Skill Chapter 2: The Past Chapter 1: Rise From Sorrow c-1: Important Announcement c-1: Brief Introduction From Author c-1: Glossary (Beast, Equipment, Level Power, etc)
Humans are trying to overcome crisis that occurred on Earth, but all effort become futile. When human face dead end and can only wait for the destruction of the earth, suddenly there voice ringing to the whole earth Ding !!! "Phase 1 Battle of Ascension: Preparation, begin!" Ding !!! "Battle System will active after phase 1 started" 
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