BlazBlue – Phase Shift

Other name: No other name
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen
Author: KOMAO Mako
Translator: Unknown
Date Released: 2011
Status: Ongoing
Views: 2,273
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AD 2106. The world is in chaos from the threatening Black Beast. At the Mage’s Guild-governed island Ishana, a student Kazuma lives a normal life. But when he meets Yuuki Terumi by chance, history receives a new Phase Shift. “If you can get the Azure, you can take back whatever you want. Things you lost, things you forgot, whatever.” Is that the prelude of destruction? Or a gospel of salvation…? Within the light and darkness of the Boundary, hope and despair blend together. The curtain for a new episode of BlazBlue’s official story has been raised!
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