Can't Stop Craving Potions

Other name: 물약이 자꾸 땡겨
Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts
Author: Yoon Joon-Mo, 윤준모
Translator: KobatoChanDaiSuki
Date Released: 2016
Status: Ongoing
Views: 4,843
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First reincarnation. I saw the very limit of being an A class. Yet, I still died without ever finding out how to advance to a higher class. Second reincarnation. Finally, I became an S class. Park Chun-woo became the world’s first adventure to reincarnate twice in his lifetime, leaving his name for all to know. Third reincarnation. I learned all the possible skills a hunter could learn. 2,511 skills. There wasn’t a single skill that Park Chun-woo did not learn. Fourth reincarnation. I broke the limit. I ascended my own potential. I surpassed my own potential, maximizing 215 skills. However, I still failed…
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