Can You Connect to Your Wifi?

Other name: CYCYW?, 能连你家WIFI吗?
Genre: Romance, Yaoi
Author: 痣鸽
Translator: Bent Translations
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 305
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BL manhua artist, Ti Xiao, has been single for many years. As such, he is under constant pressure to find a partner and get married. His family’s little niece shipped him together with her school’s English teacher to form a CP. The editors at work also want to introduce their friends to him. One day, a new neighbour moved in next door. He couldn’t help but notice that he seemed kind of reserved and cold. After getting a glimpse of him, he was ready to make trouble. He used his numerous ninja skills to discover his new neighbour’s identity. He was the English teacher at his niece’s school! Not only did he like his work and was his fan, but he was also his editor’s friend!
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