Cat K

Other name: 고양이K
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi
Author: Ddwingguri (Rolly), 뜅굴이
Translator: Alyschu
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Views: 12,018
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I am cat K. Born in a country called South Korea, I was young man from the noble lineage of the “Park” family. One day, I found myself under the curse of a witch in an unfamiliar world, a victim of misfortune. But pay no heed to my circumstances. Now, I am not a son of the noble “Park” family, nor the “Blackie” of the old witch; I am merely lone-spirited cat K. Nothing more and nothing less. …even if I may be called the Crown Prince’s “Butterfly.” At least until I find a way to lift this curse, I might as well live comfortably at my Sugar Prince’s (short for Sugar Daddy Prince) expense. 「And with a kiss, I may transform into a man by night…」
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