Cataclysmic Transformation

Other name: 天灾变
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural, Xuanhuan
Author: Heavenly Feathered Dragon Flies, 天羽龙翔
Translator: Read Me Translations
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Views: 1,234
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One hundred thousand years ago, the once influential Church of Calamity was destroyed. Since then, necromancy had been lost to the ages. One hundred thousand years later, a poor street urchin living in a mountain village, Roan, who dreams of becoming a great wizard, by some twist of fate, finds a seemingly ordinary ring. Coincidentally, this ring happened to hold a spirit that was one hundred thousand years old. In a continent where magical combat runs wild, the mysterious, terrifying and powerful magic of necromancy returns. What kind of waves will it cause? Now a necromancer, Roan chases the truth behind necromancy’s disappearance one hundred thousand years ago.
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