Cold Sands

Other name: 漠上寒沙
Genre: Drama, Historical, Yaoi
Author: Mu Yun Lan Qing
Translator: Unknown
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Completed
Views: 19,105
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He’s just a low-ranking deputy general and he’s a prince. They meet on the battlefield but it turns out to be the beginning of a complicated and beautiful story. Murong Yu is a very confident man – until he meets Han Xin. There’s nothing he cannot get; there’s nothing he cannot destroy. To let live or not, is all up to him. He is the future ruler of Great Yan and so it’s only natural that the world should bow down at his feet. But he had never thought that one day he would lose control of it. That even his own will would be uncontrollable. Murong Yu can neither get nor destroy this prisoner of war. Han Xin has never given a care about the world – until he meets Murong Yu. He has never cared about anyone, nor has anyone cared about him. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or sad, as long as you can still laugh, life will go on. He has learned long ago how to not question, how not to believe, how not to lose and how not to care. Destiny’s uncaring teasing and humiliations have already become numb to him. That’s right, he doesn’t have a care in the world. Even if it’s this Prince Royal of Great Yan who’s started to warm up to him.
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