Crazy Detective

Other name: 狂探
Genre: Action, Mystery
Author: Kuang Hai Wang Hu, 旷海忘湖
Translator: Qidian International
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 39,161
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Chapter 375: Another Unexpected Discovery Chapter 374: Stones From Other Hills Chapter 373: What Do You Want Me To See? Chapter 372: A Surprising Discovery Chapter 371: An Eye for an Eye Chapter 370: I Hope All of You Have Medical Insurance Chapter 369: The Extra Money Chapter 368: A Face-to-Face Phone Call Chapter 367: What Is the Reason for Murder? Chapter 366: More Than One Person Chapter 365: A Completely Opposite Case Chapter 364: Give A Dog A Bad Name and Hang Him Chapter 363: Walls Have Ears Chapter 362: Smell a Rat in the Matter Chapter 361: The Suspicious Ancient Tomb Chapter 360: A Seductive Vest Line Chapter 359: A Happy Celebration Dinner Chapter 358: I Like Eggs Chapter 357: Rise to Fame with One Battle Chapter 356: Take Off the Pants Without Giving Any Notice Chapter 355: The Special Device That Saves Live Chapter 354: No Way Chapter 353: Flirtatious Banter Chapter 352: How to Explain? Chapter 351: One More Thing Chapter 350: Keep My Word Chapter 349: Death Match Chapter 348: Life is on the Precipice of Death Chapter 347: Surprise Chapter 346: All of You Can Come at Me At Once! Chapter 345: Are You Hiring? Chapter 344: The Accidental Warning Chapter 343: The Back Door Chapter 342: Reward and Farewell Chapter 341: Felt Like Home Chapter 340: The Horrifying Dumpling Making (Part 2) Chapter 339: The Horrifying Dumpling Making (Part 1) Chapter 338: You Are My Daughter-in-law Chapter 337: Make a Determined Effort Chapter 336: Zhao Yu’s Concern Chapter 335: Eye Opener Chapter 334: Distorted Truth Chapter 333: Ghost Bagua Chapter 332: Inadvertent Happiness Chapter 331: The Avenger that Lost Himself Chapter 330: One Last Glance Chapter 329: Hand of Sin Chapter 328: Dangerous Play Chapter 327: Watch the Stump and Wait for a Hare Chapter 326: Magical Fecal Detector Chapter 325: A Brutal Memorial Chapter 324: Not an Easy Clue Chapter 323: The Amazing Daheng Chapter 322: An Intractable Accident Chapter 321: Ghost Town Chapter 320: Who Is the Real Murderer? Chapter 319: A Great Breakthrough Chapter 318: Accident! Accident! Chapter 317: Pointing at the Truth Chapter 316: Different Response Chapter 315: The Three Investigation Approach Chapter 314: Vanished Chapter 313: The Seventh Victim? Chapter 312: Don’t Mess with My Son Chapter 311: Mess Around Chapter 310: Quite Miserable Chapter 309: What? Group Blind Date?! Chapter 308: My Mother! Chapter 307: A Peculiar Revenge Chapter 306: Taking Advantage Chapter 305: Don’t Need to Feel Sorry for Me Chapter 304: Unorthodox Fighting Style Chapter 303: Why Didn’t You Say Earlier? Chapter 302: Though I Know Missing You Is Painful Chapter 301: The Golden Boy and Jade Girl Chapter 300: Justice Chapter 299: Let’s Try Something More Exciting Chapter 298: Special Class Item Chapter 297: The Living Sherlock Holmes Chapter 296: The Ruined Robbers Chapter 295: Intention of the Robbery Chapter 294: The Blurry Truth Chapter 293: Who Are the Police? Chapter 292: Haggis Soup Chapter 291: Outsmarted The Others Chapter 290: Illogical Actions Chapter 289: The Return of Friends from Above Chapter 288: Fake with Me Chapter 287: Play with Fire and Get Burned Chapter 286: I Want Only You! Chapter 285: Formidable Combination Chapter 284: Changing Appearances Chapter 283: The Disappeared Stamp Album Chapter 282: Just What Was Lost? Chapter 281: This Coach Is So Amazing! Chapter 280: The Person Who Opened the Shelf Is Him? Chapter 279: Pixelated Image and Gecko Power Chapter 278: Depth of Breath Gymnasium Chapter 277: What Gym? Chapter 276: Competitors Chapter 275: Black Market Merchant Chapter 274: A River of Tears Chapter 273: The Sixteen Suspects Chapter 272: The Plot Thickens Chapter 271: The High IQ Criminals Chapter 270: Actually Jealous? Chapter 269: Three Women in a Show Chapter 268: Plans Gone Wrong Chapter 267: Zhao Yu’s Ultimate Killer Move Chapter 266: Perverts Also Mess Up Chapter 265: Still Revenge? Chapter 264: The Power of “Kun” Hexagram Chapter 263: Severe Consequence Chapter 262: Psycho Killer? Chapter 261: Custodian Turned Thief Chapter 260: Time for a Huge Business Chapter 259: Strange Disappearance Chapter 258: The Vacuum-Sealed Female Corpse Chapter 257: For Some Other Reason? Chapter 256: Came Prepared Chapter 255: A Peculiar Corpse Chapter 254: Here’s the Big Incident Chapter 253: Scumbag Cancer, and the Second Time He Wet Himself Chapter 252: Yet Another Shock Chapter 251: Hundred Percent True Man Chapter 250: The Complicated Secret Chapter 249: The Third Angry Generation Chapter 248: Nothing Goes as Planned Chapter 247: Make a Run Chapter 246: Keep Them Naked Chapter 245: The Big Red Envelope Chapter 244: Against the Norm Chapter 243: The Second Angry Generation Chapter 242: So Close yet So Far Chapter 241: Zhang Jingfeng’s Flashlight Chapter 240: Both Mentally and Physically Fit Chapter 239: The First Angry Generation Chapter 238: Important Instructions Chapter 237: The Shocking Turnaround Chapter 236: Roadblock! Roadblock! Chapter 235: You Are the Double Agent Chapter 234: Something Shocking Chapter 232: The Illogical Approach Chapter 231: That Important Video Chapter 230: Another Unexpected Reward Chapter 229: The Apology that Came Late Chapter 228: Fell for Me? Chapter 227: An Inevitable Hopeless Outcome Chapter 226: The Shameful Truth Chapter 225: Cycle of the Evil-Doing Chapter 224: The Sinful Exchange Chapter 223: This Is an illusion Chapter 222: What to Do Against Stubbornness? Chapter 221: More Than a Hundred Percent Chapter 220: Come and Get Rich with Me! Chapter 219: I’ll sacrifice myself Chapter 218: Magic Again Chapter 217: How Did You Get Here? Chapter 216: The Shocking Gunpoint Chapter 215: How to save her? Chapter 214: Eliminate the Evidence Chapter 213: Do You Feel Guilty? Chapter 212: Any Fish? Chapter 211: One Price Chapter 210: Where’s Your Rage? Chapter 209: Latiao Bomb Chapter 208: How Could You Just Take My Phone? Chapter 207: The Troublemaking Plan Chapter 206: A Fifth Possibility Chapter 205: She's More Ruthless Than I Am Chapter 204: Uncle Chapter 203: The Simple Truth Chapter 202: Deep-seated Grudge Chapter 201: There’s Another Person Chapter 200: The Second "Gen" Hexagram Chapter 200: The Second "Gen" Hexagram Chapter 199: Unpreventable Manoeuvre Chapter 198: Please Take Me Along Chapter 197: Twin investigations Chapter 196: A Kiss as a Reward Is Also Good Chapter 195: The Fatal Hidden Secret Chapter 194: All This Trouble for a Date Chapter 193: You Really Want Me to Tell the Truth? Chapter 192: Conscious Hypnosis Chapter 191: The Possibility of Turning Enemies Into Friends Chapter 190: The Frightened Colleague Chapter 189: Hello, New Team Leader! Chapter 188: Ghostly Hounding Chapter 187: Possessed Chapter 186: The Older, the Craftier Chapter 185: The Yellow Notebook Chapter 184: Zhao Yu and the Shoe Chapter 183: A Bad Omen Chapter 182: Baldie Zhao’s Conjecture Chapter 181: Talking About Me? Chapter 180: How Did It Come to This? Chapter 179: New Tool Chapter 178: The Delayed Salute Chapter 177: The "Spirit" Catches the Murderer Chapter 176: How Do We Ride? Chapter 175: The Unexpected Accident Chapter 174: The True Face of a Fighter Chapter 173: Massive Killing Chapter 172: Who Will Come with Me? Chapter 171: What If It Wasn’t an Accident? Chapter 170: The Uniform Remained Chapter 169: Something Big! Chapter 168: The Contractor Whose Family Broke Apart and Died Himself Chapter 167: The Expert Cleared Up Doubts Chapter 166: The Third Possibility Chapter 165: Expert? Chapter 164: I’m a Professional Chapter 163: I Haven’t Used This Trick Before Chapter 162: Special Identity Chapter 161: Field Study Chapter 160: Unforgivable Acts Chapter 159: Getting Better Chapter 158: Free for You Chapter 157: They Are All Millionaires Chapter 156: My Guesses Chapter 155: It Was Not only Wealth That Was Out of This World Chapter 154: Get Away from Miao Ying If You Value Your Life Chapter 153: The Eyewitness Who Disappeared Chapter 152: The Sneaky Kidnappers Chapter 151: Twists and Turns Chapter 150: Let’s Gather Some Good Karma! Chapter 149: Turn Over a New Leaf Chapter 148: Couldn’t Help Himself Chapter 147: It’s Gotten Out of Hand This Time Chapter 146: Even Praise Can Be Offensive Chapter 145: Attend Alone Chapter 144: Who’s at the Door? Chapter 143: Strike Out Chapter 142: Give Me the Full Service Chapter 141: Brother Tianba from Shunfeng Street Chapter 140: I Have a Name Now! Chapter 139: The Tracking Dog that Lives Up to its Name Chapter 138: Pace of Perverted Tendencies Chapter 137: Overwhelmed by Surprises Chapter 136: Glory Beyond Glory Chapter 135: The Qinshan Nemesis Chapter 134: How Much Do You Have? Chapter 133: Don’t Even Think About It Chapter 132: The Key and the Lock Chapter 131: Why Is It You? Chapter 130: Specified to Meet Chapter 129: Just Follow Me! Chapter 128: How to Put to Shame? Chapter 127: You Guys Showered Together? Chapter 126: Repeat Offender Chapter 125: Your Police Dog Is So Pretty! Chapter 124: The Shocking Hexagram Chapter 123: Terrifying Thought Chapter 122: Unexpected Discovery Chapter 121: "Bullsh*t" Detection Expert Chapter 120: A Dog Never Changes its Habit of Eating Poop Chapter 119: You Gotta Help Me Chapter 118: A Man and a Dog Chapter 117: Curses and Evidence Chapter 116: You’re Still Too Young! Chapter 115: The Most Familiar Stranger Chapter 114: The Woman and the Encounter I Missed Chapter 113: His Highness Zhao Chapter 112: The Kick was Too Light! Chapter 111: The Incompetent Can’t be Saved Chapter 110: The Bewildering Truth Chapter 109: Who’s the Third Party? Chapter 108: Inconsistent Statement Chapter 107: Dream-like Items Chapter 106: Disgrace to the Key Case Investigation Unit Chapter 105: Murder Agreement Chapter 104: The Other Half of the Whole Truth Chapter 103: Completely Despicable Chapter 102: Concrete Evidence Chapter 101: You’re the Culprit! Chapter 100: Join in Your Doings Chapter 99: The Magical Lie Detector Chapter 98: Unconventional Interrogation Chapter 97: Helpful Gods Chapter 96: How to Compete? Chapter 95: Anyone but You is Fine Chapter 94: Here Comes What I Fear Chapter 93: My Own Team Chapter 92: Personal Relationship Chapter 91: Fateful Encounters Only Exist Between Enemies Chapter 90: You Did That on Purpose! Chapter 89: Where is My Adventure? Chapter 88: More than What Meets the Eye Chapter 87: Debt Seeking or Revenge? Chapter 86: That’s My Line Chapter 85: Go with My Feelings Chapter 84: How to Solve It? Chapter 83: Unwelcomed Sources Chapter 82 Chapter 81 Chapter 80 Chapter 79 Chapter 78 Chapter 77 Chapter 76 Chapter 75 Chapter 74 Chapter 73 Chapter 72 Chapter 71 Chapter 70 Chapter 69 Chapter 68 Chapter 67 Chapter 66 Chapter 65 Chapter 64 Chapter 63 Chapter 62 Chapter 61 Chapter 60 Chapter 59 Chapter 58 Chapter 57 Chapter 56 Chapter 55 Chapter 54 Chapter 53 Chapter 52 Chapter 51 Chapter 50 Chapter 49 Chapter 48 Chapter 47 Chapter 46 Chapter 45 Chapter 44 Chapter 43 Chapter 42 Chapter 41 Chapter 40 Chapter 39 Chapter 38 Chapter 37 Chapter 36 Chapter 35 Chapter 34 Chapter 33 Chapter 32 Chapter 31 Chapter 30 Chapter 29 Chapter 28 Chapter 27 Chapter 26 Chapter 25 Chapter 24 Chapter 23 Chapter 22 Chapter 21 Chapter 20 Chapter 19 Chapter 18 Chapter 17 Chapter 16 Chapter 15 Chapter 14 Chapter 13 Chapter 12 Chapter 11 Chapter 10 Chapter 9 Chapter 8 Chapter 7 Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 1
A little ruffian who fought recklessly without any morals and bottomline accidentally time-traveled to parallel space and became a Key Case Investigation Team agent. The huge change in identity had him creating chaos in the police station. However, a strange miracle system helped him repeatedly solve mysterious cases, turning him into an impudent ruffian detective!
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