Cruel Romance

Other name: 锦绣缘
Genre: Romance
Author: 齐成琨
Translator: Unknown
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Views: 2,918
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The Shanghai bund that is dazzling with paper and gold—— Fate plays a role in the meeting of Jin Xiu with Zuo Zhen. He teaches her to drink, teaches her ​​to dance, teach her the ways of the world … Finally he succeeded in teaching her to become a dance hostess, Also, finally this lets her fulfills her wish to stay by her beloved’s side. But – can’t help falling in love! He is the big brother in the triad which battles and reigns in terror, Unfortunately, he likes the woman who whole-heartedly adores his respected sworn brother, This woman who he has taught and trained single-handedly, He uses his life to make the most painful choice in his life …
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