Crying Mansion - Torture shows

Other name: 【少女奴隷】隷泣館【拷問ショー】
Genre: Romance
Author: 雲月
Translator: Horny Translations
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 178
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Crying Mansion… this is a membership mansion which tortures girls and lets their members enjoy watching the girl’s agony The members are a very few people of high social status A harsh torture show is held everyday using the slaves in the mansion In the torture the young girl slaves breasts and genitalia are tortured while their screams never stop There is no sweet pleasure given to the girls with rotors or vibes, only pain is given to their immature bodies The girls are restrained from unnecessary movement and are punished in narrow cages, their whole lives are spent in the same cage Everyone of the girl is personally caught by the club And once a girl is caught she will never be released for a lifetime
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