Cube City

Other name: 立方体都市
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Author: Ikkai Inubousaki
Translator: locksleyu
Date Released: 2017
Status: Ongoing
Views: 189
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In order to create a novel, an author must sift through many ideas, selecting only the best while purging those deemed inadequate. Each idea is built from a string of words, which are in turn formed from a series of letters. I’m Suregio, one of the inhabitants of Idea City, where ideas form, are purged, and then rebuilt afresh. I work desperately together with the others to create a masterpiece for the author. Our city is shrouded in eternal night–at least until the story is finally completed and the sun can rise for the first and last time, a spectacular dawn for all to behold. Alas, I fear the swarm has come once again to dispose those of us found unworthy. I have to hurry and find her, take her to the only place that is safe before the world is returned to a blank page…
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