Daily Issue Little Girl Misaki-chan!

Other name: 日刊幼女みさきちゃん!
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life, Tragedy
Author: Unknown
Translator: rokudenashitranslations.wordpress.com
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Views: 1,104
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A 23 year old middle school graduate. Having cut ties with his parents, his hobbies include drinking, tobacco, and gambling. That kind of man is raising a child. “Fine by me, I’ll do it” The man set forth on becoming a splendid parent from the very bottom, his second life starts. In that process, learning the the warmth of a family, slowly he becomes an upright human but . . . . . . such extreme doting, besides himself everyone is drawing away, you know? This is a story of a man who lives at the base of society but through raising a child he worries, struggles, and has a romantic comedy. All while keeping his eyes on becoming a splendid parent.
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