Daoist Master of Qing Xuan

Other name: 青玄道主
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Author: Zhong Yuan Wu Bai
Translator: Qidian International
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 3,871
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Chapter 140: Xuantian’s Dao-logy Chapter 139: Every Other Existing Literature Are Just Footnotes Chapter 138: Desert Chapter 137: Spirit Fire Chapter 136: The Mysterious Demon Chapter 135: The Lingbao Dragon Scripture Chapter 134: Mount Chui Ping Chapter 133: Xuande Sword Chapter 132: Goddess of Grains Chapter 131: Old Friend Chapter 130: Conferment of a God Chapter 129: Young Master Chapter 128: Entering the Doors of Trouble Again Chapter 127: One Who Invites Trouble Chapter 126: No Higher Order in the World Chapter 125: Newly-Formed Taixu Chapter 124: White Lotus Extermination of Life Chapter 123: Tianzi Wangqi Chapter 122: The Water Surface Was Clear and Round, the Lotus Blossoms Danced With Ease in the Morning Breeze Chapter 121: The Times of Wind and Storm Chapter 120: Divine Ruins Chapter 119: The Sound of Chants and Mantras Chapter 118: The Difficulty That Came From Within Chapter 117: To Meditate and to Restrain Oneself from Wishful Thinking Chapter 116: The Sutra of Total Annihilation of the Dharma Chapter 115: There Is No Dust Chapter 114: Why Did the Water Flow? Chapter 113: The Common and Myself Chapter 112: The Book of Nine Lotus Chapter 111: Zhao Xiaoyu Chapter 110: Being Seperated For Too Long Leads to Togetherness Chapter 109: Don’t Take the Golden Elixir Lightly Chapter 108: White, Robe-like, Floating Clouds in the Sky Chapter 107: The Unbothered Breeze and Moon Chapter 106: Bewitched Chapter 105: Where Does Flowing Water Come From Chapter 104: Still Water Runs Deep Chapter 103: Seeking Medical Help Chapter 102: Unknowing About Cultivation Chapter 101: To Whom Does the Milky Way Belong To? Chapter 100: The Pen of Making Chapter 99: Impervious to Rain, Wind, or Shine Chapter 98: Looking Back at Where He Came From Chapter 97: The Return to the Secular Mortal World Chapter 96: Blind, in These Mountains, to Calendared Days Chapter 95: Technique Beyond This World Chapter 94: Taixu Strategy Chapter 93: Loneliness or Prosperity, Each Has Its Own Purpose Chapter 92: Attained Dharma at Once Chapter 91: Reduce the Insufficient Portion to Build Up the Excessive Portion Chapter 90: Moonlight Buddha Chapter 89: Chopping Off Without Hesitation Chapter 88: The Evil Intention That Lurked Beneath Her Friendliness Chapter 87: Left Without a Trace When Things Are Done Chapter 86: Whose Man-Eating Toad Is This? Chapter 85: Who Knew There Were Two at the Bier? Chapter 84: This Body Was Originally the Bodhi’s Chapter 83: Many More Levels to Pass Chapter 82: This Sword Could Guide The Soul Chapter 81: Why Not Stroll and Silently Sigh? Chapter 80: Desires Were Like the Ocean, Hard to Tame Chapter 79: You Gain Some, You Lose Some Chapter 78: Talisman for Beginners Chapter 77: Repaying A Favour Chapter 76: The Art of Spiritual Enhancement Chapter 75: Suffer the Unspeakable Misery Chapter 74: Entering The Celestial School At This Point Chapter 73: The Three Kowtows In The Hall Chapter 72: The Struggles of Learning Daoism Chapter 71: Been Practicing Daoism For Half A Lifetime And No One Knows Chapter 70: It Was But a Dream Chapter 69: The Rustling Bamboo Leaves That Shut the Windows Chapter 68: Water is Virtuous Chapter 67: Rode Away on White Cranes Chapter 66: Going up the Mountain Chapter 65: The Autumn Wind Rose Chapter 64: Yan Bugui - Swallows Who Did Not Return Chapter 63: If Only Time Stopped at When We First Met Chapter 62: Mid July Chapter 61: When Spring Comes and Flowers Bloom Chapter 60: An Intense Battle Chapter 59: The Flowing Clouds Chapter 58: The Moon Was Same as Usual Chapter 57: Being and Non-Being of Sword Aura Chapter 56: Swordcraft Triumphs All Chapter 55: The Four Doors Chapter 54: The Challenge Chapter 53: The Sorrow of a Skeleton Chapter 52: The Owner of Su’s Fort Chapter 51: It Was Told That the Little Master Is in Fact Xiao Zhu Chapter 50: One Has to Compromise When in Jianghu Chapter 49: Ice Jade Chapter 48: A Rare Night of Heavy Drinking Chapter 47: See You Again in a Hundred Years Chapter 46: Unknowingly Going Astray Chapter 45: To Not Mingle With The Plum and Peach And Be Reduced To Secular Dust Chapter 44: The Most Precious Thing In Life Is To Live In Accordance With The Heart Chapter 43: Ruyi Shapeshifting Chapter 42: Blade-like Moonlight Chapter 41: Clanging of the Sword Chapter 40: Perfect and Imperfect People Chapter 39: The Jianghu Here Is Unusual Chapter 38: Tit for Tat Chapter 37: Saint Thief Bai Yufei Chapter 36: To Be Harsh Because of a Great Kind Heart Chapter 35: Daoist Master Taiyi Chapter 34: Xin Shisiniang Chapter 33: Jade-like Mister Chapter 32: Practice Makes Perfect Chapter 31: Subtle Fragrance of the Plum Blossom At Dusk Chapter 30: The God in Your Eyes Chapter 29: What My Heart Says Chapter 28: The Beginning and the End of Cultivation Chapter 27: Collapse at the First Blow Chapter 26: Xuanming Division Chapter 25: An Inn Chapter 24: The Celestial Mountain Beyond the Seas Chapter 23: The Sweet Scent of Blood Chapter 22: The Lone Butterfly Chapter 21: I Got Bald, and Stronger Too. Chapter 20: Qielan Rain Chapter 19: The Weird Sound of a Temple Block Chapter 18: The Young Man Outside Town Hall Chapter 17: Wutong Chapter 16: Dreaming Without a Trace Chapter 15: The Carefree Clouds Chapter 14: The Bondage Chapter 13: Varying Between Creation and Destruction Chapter 12: Deity Vanquisher Chapter 11: Blade! Chapter 10: Time For Payback Chapter 9: It's a Tough World Chapter 8: Why Bother Being a Hero? Chapter 7: Oh How Time Flies! Chapter 6: Ruoxi Ruoxi Chapter 5: Of Riches and Honour Chapter 4: The Shen Family Chapter 3: Concentration Chapter 2: The Nourishment of Spirit Chapter 1: The Young Daoist Monk
What is a Daoist Master? One that is imageless in ten directions and vanishes in the six paths; unrestrained by the three realms and the five elements. After a day at the clinic, Dr. Li Feng met with an accident on his way home. When he regained consciousness, Li Feng found himself in the body of a weak teenage boy who was born out of wedlock, Shen Lian. Who was the father? The mother would not tell. A scripture he found among his mother’s remnants was the only thing he knew about his father. The mother came from a wealthy and well known family. When Shen Lian was recalled back to the Shen family, he was entitled for part of the grandfather’s inheritance and businesses. Despite the grand value, Shen Lian did not take a cent with him when he decided to leave the family. Why would he leave this comfortable life behind? His journey with this new identity brought him into this new world as he travelled between realms in search of knowledge to improve his Daoist skills. As he conquered trial after trial, would he become the chosen one? Will he succeed in becoming the Daoist Master? Only time will tell.
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