Dear Love

Other name: 親愛的愛情, 重生之逃不出你的五指山
Genre: Romance
Author: 蘭芝
Translator: Novellovers
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 395
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This is a dream ~ looking forward for a life of happines and yearning for true love ” I’m such a good person, why should I become an episode in someone’s life ? “ Gu Bao Bei was abandoned by her boyfriend in her previous life. She tried to break away from the past and looking forward for the future. There’s no supernatural power or Mary Sue, only to live a life steadfastly and learning how to love and be loved. After rebirth, she saved a two years old child from a car accident. After rebirth, she met him — Fu Jun Yan. And then, this warm-hearted man slowly walked into her life. Warmed her heart, calmed her sorrow down, indulged her and gave her love. In this “true love hard to find” world, together they built a gentle and touching love story.
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