Dear Nicole

Other name: Itoshi no Nicole, 愛しのニコール
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shounen Ai
Author: Nagira Yuu
Translator: Kusare
Date Released: 2016
Status: Ongoing
Views: 350
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Fourteen-year-old Niko is treated as a ‘disease’ for being gay in his countryside town, and decides to commit suicide. But that summer night, he is saved by the carefree attitude of Sakae, a young boy visiting from a faraway city, and starts acting as the trans character ‘Nicole’ to protect himself from bullying. A few years later, Sakae reappears before Niko as a transfer student. He treats Niko, who had reduced himself to playing the eccentric gay, with honesty and kindness, but doesn’t take Niko’s confession crammed with feelings for his fleeting first love seriously, instead making a request for romantic advice himself…
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