Dragon King's Son-In-Law

Other name: 龙王的女婿
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Xuanhuan
Author: Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law, 龙王的贤婿
Translator: Qidian International
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Views: 27,453
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Chapter 235: We Have Money!!! Chapter 234: Little White Has its Dignity too! Chapter 233: Blunt Man... Chapter 232: The Mysterious Masters Chapter 231: Excitement of the Trip Chapter 230: Third Uncle Cultivates the Same Technique! Chapter 229: The Sword Array Formation Chapter 228: Trading Convention? Chapter 227: Overruled! Chapter 226: Battle!!! Chapter 225: Let’s Fight! Chapter 224: Coming for the Treasures Chapter 223: Too Many! Chapter 222: Don’t Be Stubborn Chapter 221: What Can Do I with You… Chapter 220: Stuff Is About To Happen Chapter 219: The Principal's Grandson-In-Law Chapter 218: The Pretty Girl is Greedy Too Chapter 217: Such a Slim Waist! Chapter 216: Zi Could Blush too? Chapter 215: Might As Well Chapter 214: Coiled Dragon Golden Spear? Seize! Chapter 213: A Wasteland Full of Treasures Chapter 212: Little Burden Chapter 211: The Weakest Pair of Partners? Chapter 210: The Nine Dragon Palace Chapter 209: Experience A World with Zi?! Chapter 208: Gathered Together Chapter 207: Treasures All Over... Chapter 206: Little White Is the King When the Tiger Is Away Chapter 205: Shameless Little White~~ Chapter 204: Worried about Gongzi Chapter 203: The Turning Point Chapter 202: Covered in Tears Chapter 201: Demon Beast? Chapter 200: The Top-Tier Herb Chapter 199: Perfect Team! Chapter 198: Borrowing the Treasure Chapter 197: Seven-Colored Snow Lotus Chapter 196: 10,000-Cultivators Array Formation Chapter 195: Black Dragon!! Chapter 194: The Power of Heavenly Tribulation Chapter 193: Grand Array Formation, Activate! Chapter 192: The Heavenly Tribulation Activated! Chapter 191: Elevation! Elevation! Chapter 190: The Attack of Sword Energies Chapter 189: Inspector’s Temporary Help?! Chapter 188: Idiot in Life Chapter 187: Special Group Chapter 186: Ninth Heaven Chapter 185: Weakening the Heavenly Tribulation? Chapter 184: In Public!!! Chapter 183: Unconvinced!! Chapter 182: One Big and One Small~~ Chapter 181: Returning to Middle School Chapter 180: Dharma Treasures Are Array Formations Chapter 179: The Hidden Space - Jiezi Space Chapter 178: Resisting Heavenly Tribulation Chapter 177: The Mysterious Daoist Chapter 176: Not Attractive at All? Chapter 175: Natal Dharma Treasure? Chapter 174: Learn to Be Virtuous... Chapter 173: Who's More Like the Bad Guy? Chapter 172: The Thoughts of the Little Girl... Chapter 171: Who Does Zi Belong to! Chapter 170: Wouldn't Want a Gold Mountain! Chapter 169: Who to Pick?! Chapter 168: West Ocean Dragon Palace! Chapter 167: Burn It, Phoenix! Chapter 166: Party Guests Chapter 165: Gold and Jade on the Outside? Chapter 164: Heavenly Dragon Realm Chapter 163: Soul Formation Cultivator Chapter 162: The Last Moment Chapter 161: Collectedness Chapter 160: The Strongest in the Mortal World Chapter 159: Unwilling to Admit Defeat Chapter 158: I Want to be Surrounded by Great Grandchildren! Chapter 157: You Opponent Is Me Chapter 156: The True Master Chapter 155: The Power of the Scroll Chapter 154: So Many Heroes Chapter 153: Cultivate with Martial Arts Chapter 152: Valuable Treasure! Chapter 151: Weird, It’s Really Weird… Chapter 150: Bad Kid Chapter 149: Don’t Underestimate Your Enemy Chapter 148: Small Lightning Cloud Tribulation! Chapter 147: The Metal Elemental Is the Strongest?! Chapter 146: Condense into Sword Chapter 145: The Frustrated No.1 Master in the Mortal World Chapter 144: Out of Seclusion Cultivation Chapter 143: Nothing Good Is Coming! Chapter 142: 'Data' Cultivation Method Chapter 141: Touched the Immortal Essence… Chapter 140: An Evident Swank Chapter 139: A Talented Artist?! Chapter 138: The Report Card of Five Elements?! Chapter 137: Sword Cultivation? Lightning Cultivation? Chapter 136: Let's Have a Talk Chapter 135: The Basketball Babies Chapter 134: What a Shame... Chapter 133: Two Became One... Chapter 132: Little Older Brother?! Chapter 131: What a Coincidence Chapter 130: Sister Su, Please Keep an Eye on Them for Me Chapter 129: The Legion of Beauties Chapter 128: Tiangang Sword Array Formation Chapter 127: Catching the Little White Rabbit Chapter 126: It’s Not Two-Element Cultivation but Five! Chapter 125: Choosing a Cultivation Technique Chapter 124: Masters Chapter 123: Two Arranged Marriages Chapter 122: Try Our Best To Protect Gongzi Chapter 121: The Super Sisters Chapter 120: It Is a Small World Chapter 119: I Already Have Someone I like Chapter 118: The Super Genius Chapter 117: They Are Schoolmates Chapter 116: The Cute Sweetheart Chapter 115: I Just Hate It! Chapter 114: Zhao Yanzi from Class Two in the Eighth Grade! Chapter 113: Cultivating with Basketball!! Chapter 112: Super Bodyguards!! Chapter 111: Two Unexpected Guests Chapter 110: Charging at Qian-level Chapter 109: Slim Chance of Survival! Chapter 108: Was It Really a Breakthrough? Chapter 107: Spare a Hand? Chapter 106: Difficult Mission Chapter 105: Domineering Prestige Chapter 104: Goodperson Card?! Chapter 103: Still Keeping It from Me? Chapter 102: No Time to Lose Chapter 101: The Issue of Puppy Love Chapter 100: Experiencing Another Life Chapter 99: Off-Limit Chapter 98: An Expert in Disguise Chapter 97: Little Fiancee Has Her Own Thoughts Chapter 96: What Are Brothers? Chapter 95: Hard Labor!? Chapter 94: Nemesis Chapter 93: Wreck the Place Chapter 92: The Winner and the Loser Chapter 91: Conquer 15 Meters If You Are a Man Chapter 90: Duel! Chapter 89: Meeting on a Narrow Path Chapter 88: Futile Fight Chapter 87: Futile Struggles Chapter 86: Release!! Chapter 85: Countless Treasures Chapter 84: Long Live Fuma Hao Ren! Chapter 83: Just a Broken Temple? Chapter 82: She Really Liked Zi Chapter 81: The Dragon Palace? Chapter 80: A Granddaughter-In-Law? Chapter 79: Who Is Your Girlfriend? Chapter 78: Important Virtues Chapter 77: They Showed Up… Chapter 76: I'm Not Keeping You Company! Humph! Chapter 75: The Gathering of the Riches Chapter 74: Assistance from Outside? Chapter 73: Oh Crap… Chapter 72: The Good Girl Chapter 71: You Got It?? Chapter 70: Too Excited Chapter 69: The Super Fan Chapter 68: The Arrival of Bigwigs Chapter 67: Scheming Woman...... Criminal? (2 in 1 Chapter) Chapter 66: What Happened? Chapter 65: Big News Chapter 64: Grandma's Suspicion Chapter 63: Game Plays... Chapter 62: The Unyielding! Chapter 61: The Attitude of the School Chapter 60: The Outburst of Hao Ren Chapter 59: Why Are You so Disrespectful? Chapter 58: Backup Is Here… Chapter 57: An Honoured Guest Chapter 56: The Genes of a Clever Wife and a Wise Mom? Chapter 55: Life-Saving Grace Chapter 54: An Emergency Chapter 53: The Pains in Cultivation Chapter 52: Well, Masters? Chapter 51: Not Enough Talent? Chapter 50: Height Couldn’t Endure the Coldness* Chapter 49: Hammered Chapter 48: Daily Errands Chapter 47: The Beauty in the Ferrari Chapter 46: How Old Are You? (2 in 1 Chapter) Chapter 45: Transforming into a Fashionable Woman Chapter 44: It’s Not Jealousy! It’s Inspection! Chapter 43: Passed the "Probation Period" Chapter 42: It All Depends on You... Chapter 41: Big Trouble Chapter 40: Who Would Win the Fight? Chapter 39: The Power of the Crowd Chapter 38: The Sticky Candy Strategy Chapter 37: Definitely No Chance To Win Chapter 36: Her Sister Is…… Chapter 35: Who Is Your Rival Chapter 34: I’m His Fiancée! Chapter 33: He Is Prince Charming Chapter 32: Can't Even Keep a Low Profile Chapter 31: The Competitor... Chapter 30: Failure of an Opportunity Chapter 29: The Real Master Chapter 28: Just for a Little While Chapter 27: Listen or Suffer Chapter 26: Who’s Holding You Back? Chapter 25: The Mysterious Daoist Temple Chapter 24: Who Said We Are Not a Family? Chapter 23: You Must Not Lose Chapter 22: The Most Handsome Guy in East Ocean University Chapter 21: Aren’t You Too Generous Chapter 20: Unstoppable Peach Blossom Chapter 19: Became a Replacement? Chapter 18: I Disagree!! Chapter 17: All Dangerous People Chapter 16: Strange Things Happen Every Year (2 In 1 Chapter) Chapter 15: The First Visit Chapter 14: A Distant Goal Chapter 13: Obtained a Status Chapter 12: Just a Meal? Chapter 11: To Be Under the Spotlight Chapter 10: Called by the Beauty Chapter 9: And Your Identity Is… Chapter 8: A Forced Marriage Chapter 7: Emergency Meeting Chapter 6: Bear the Anger of My Father! Chapter 5: Time to Find a Girlfriend Chapter 4: Cottage by the Beach Chapter 3: I’m Not a Good Person? Chapter 2: The Arrogant yet Pretty Girl Chapter 1: Ate a Candy
Hao Ren, an ordinary university student, saved a little girl who fell from the sky. By accident, he swallowed a “candy” that fell off of that girl’s body and somehow became the Dragon King’s son-in-law…… His life was turned upside-down from that point on. There were dragons in this world? And they are living side-by-side with humans? Ancient Chinese Mythologies really happened? Hao Ren got to experience a new world that was hidden from ordinary humans. Despite the thrills that came with the new discovery, there were challenges along the way. He thought his easy life as the Dragon King’s son-in-law was going to be chill and gucci, but conspiracies and undercurrents were coming his way.
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