Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Other name: 最强宠婚:腹黑老公傲娇萌妻
Genre: Romance
Author: Slight Uplifting, 微扬
Translator: Qidian International
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 11,042
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Chapter 139: Look For Baidu If You Have a Problem Chapter 138: He Was Unexpectedly Snubbed Chapter 137: How Disappointing And Anguishing It Was! Chapter 136: The Huge Difference In Height Is Adorable Chapter 135: Can You Guess What Will Happen? Chapter 134: Do You Have To Expose Your Friend Like This? Chapter 133: Unable To Tell Good From Bad Chapter 132: Third Master Has a Nosebleed Chapter 131: He Wasn't Out Of His Mind Chapter 130: Why Do I Need To Coax Her? Chapter 129: Of Course You Can't Chapter 128: You’re Lovelier Than a Cat Chapter 127: There’s an Idiom Which Means 'Vivid And Lifelike' Chapter 126: It's Pointless Talking to You Nicely Chapter 125: Did I Say I Would Consider? Chapter 124: Not of Her Own Volition Chapter 123: A Lifetime Chapter 122: It Was The First Time He’d Tried To Clarify Chapter 121: Miss Wen's Fragile Heart Chapter 120: How Dare You Try To Negotiate Terms With Me? Chapter 119: Let's Make A Deal Chapter 118: Someone Gave It To Me Chapter 117: I'm Not The Big Gray Wolf Chapter 116: Even If You Disagree, You Still Have To Agree Chapter 115: You Can Represent President Yan Chapter 114: Sympathy Tactic Chapter 113: Why Was It So Fast? Chapter 112: He’s too Proud And Overbearing Chapter 111: What Happened To Young Master Yan? Chapter 110: Bothersome And Stupidly Alluring Woman Chapter 109: I’m Going To Sell You Off Chapter 108: I'll Get Another Glass For You Chapter 107: Did She Drink Alcohol Just Now? Chapter 106: It Was Particularly an Eyesore Chapter 105: Everyone Is Waiting Chapter 104: Silenced Them In A Split Second Chapter 103: Has She Gone Mad? Chapter 102: Love Letter Chapter 101: The Most Famous 'Action' Choreographer Chapter 100: Third Master's Young Puppy Love Chapter 99: Death Penalty! Chapter 98: I'm Not Even a Little Bit Interested In You Chapter 97: What Scandal Did They Have? Chapter 96: I Purposely Learned It Chapter 95: This Isn't Logical! Chapter 94: I’ll Make You Pay Chapter 93: Woman, Your Arrogance Is Overbearing Chapter 92: A Coincidental Meeting with the Award-Winning Actress Chapter 91: A Fresh Flower on a Heap Of Cow Dung-- Chapter 90: An Old Classmate That She Hasn't Met In Six Years Chapter 89: I’m Not Kissing Her, She’s So Fierce! Chapter 88: What Special Interest Do I Have? Chapter 87: Xuxu Left Flourish & Prosper, He’s Gone Mad Chapter 86: How Dare He Disregard Her Chapter 85: Way Too Cunning Chapter 84: Sigh, A Flaw in an Otherwise Perfect Thing! Chapter 83: You Can Get Lost Now Chapter 82: Are You Sure About Leaving Flourish & Prosper? Chapter 81: His Aura Was Too Strong to Be Ignored Chapter 80: Come Over Immediately Chapter 79: Mister, You Sped Past the Red Light! Chapter 78: Why Did He Slam the Door? Chapter 77: I'm Thirsty, I Want Water! Chapter 76: He Used This Method to Humiliate Her Chapter 75: From the First Awakening of Love Until Now Chapter 74: Insufferable Arrogance Chapter 73: How Could Someone Be So Stubborn? Chapter 72: Leaving Flourish & Prosper Chapter 71: President Yan is in the Headlines Again Chapter 70: Might This Be Good Karma? Chapter 69: Nothing to Nitpick About Chapter 68: Other People Supervise Their Husbands Chapter 67: She Didn't Understand Chapter 66: How Is This Any of Your Business? Chapter 65: One More Day Won't Make Much of a Difference Chapter 64: If You’re Not Getting Married, He’s Not Allowed to Marry Chapter 63: Gentle and Doting Chapter 62: I'm Being Wronged! Chapter 61: What’s With That Expression in Your Eyes? Chapter 60: Anyway, She Wasn’t Hungry Chapter 59: Gloating at Someone's Misfortunes Chapter 58: What a Pretense! Chapter 57: He Said That You Were Mistaken Chapter 56: Did She Become More Talkative Recently? Chapter 55: Miss Mu Li Chapter 54: The Important Secret Chapter 53: I Was Just Joking, Why so Anxious? Chapter 52: It’s Been Three Years, How Are You? Chapter 51: That Was Definitely a Bribe Chapter 50: What Kind of Look Is That? Chapter 49: Just Like a Shrew Chapter 48: Communication Barrier Chapter 47: How Did I Get to the Hospital? Chapter 46: There’s One More Here Chapter 45: Coconuts Chapter 44: Didn't You Hear Me Asking You to Head Back First? Chapter 43: Where Did You Get This Boat? Chapter 42: You’ve Caught a Cold Chapter 41: A Problem Has Appeared Chapter 40: Are You Planning to Murder Me on This Mountain? Chapter 39: Lacking in Stamina Chapter 38: The Most Angelic Sound in the Entire World Chapter 37: What a Burden Chapter 36: An Illicit Love Affair Chapter 35: Return My Skirt! Chapter 34: An Opportunity for Him at the Right Moment Chapter 33: Why Are You So Furious? Chapter 32: Stupid Woman! Why Are You Staring Into Space? Chapter 31: This is Obviously Stealing Chapter 30: Closer Than Relatives Chapter 29: Dissatisfied! Chapter 28: She Isn't Ladylike at All in Private Chapter 27: Don't Disturb Me Unnecessarily Chapter 26: Is There a Five-Star Hotel Here? Chapter 25: Third Master's Precious Body Chapter 24: Thank You, But It's Alright! Chapter 23: Three Years Were Enough Chapter 22: What Did That Fellow Mean by That? Chapter 21: Why Are You Suddenly Throwing a Tantrum Chapter 20: He Can Do Without a Woman Like This Chapter 19: In a Bad Mood Right Now Chapter 18: It’s Just a Meal Chapter 17: Watching Silently as Everyone Else Snatches Chapter 16: The 520 Red Packet Chapter 15: No One Would Be Able to Invite You, Honorable God Chapter 14: It's Not Like She Has Any Infectious Diseases Chapter 13: Wisdom and Beauty Coexisting Chapter 12: You Worry Me the Most Chapter 11: Why Did You Drive Her Away? Chapter 10: Yan Rusheng, You’re a Jerk! Chapter 9: Secretary Wen Seems to Be Drunk Chapter 8: Bashful Miss Wen Chapter 7: Third Master Yan's Matchmaking Session Chapter 6: As Though Suddenly On Steroids Chapter 5: All the Current Popular Celebrities Chapter 4: Unpleasant Feelings Chapter 3: Unchanged Womanizing Ways Chapter 2: He Had the Nerve to Mention Their Childhood Chapter 1: Are You Pretending to Be Shy
Wen Xuxu was fostered by the Yan family at the age of four when she lost both her parents. She is a tenacious, talented, smart and brave woman. Yan Rusheng is an aloof, intelligent and arrogant man who was the most sought-after bachelor in the capital city. He was brought up to be the successor of a huge conglomerate. Even though they had grown up together, both of them seemed to treat each other as an eyesore. She labelled him as a jerk and womanizer while in his eyes, she was a shrew. Over time, they had fallen for each other but they continued to conceal their feelings for each other. By a twist of fate, they were forced into a marriage. And unknown to everyone else and Yan Rusheng, she had harbored a deep secret for many years…
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