Elixir Supplier

Other name: 仙药供应商
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Tangcu Yu, 糖醋于
Translator: Webnovel
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 2,176
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Chapter 46: Cold Wind, Tea Aroma Chapter 45: One Pine Tree, One River Chapter 44: An Ordinary Man Is Innocent Chapter 43: Embattlement Chapter 42: You Are from a Wealthy Family, but So What? Chapter 41: Why Are You Staring at Me? Chapter 40: Nothing Can Be Traded for the Hill Chapter 39: A Girl Who Was Graceful and Slim, But Noisy Chapter 38: Requesting Medication Chapter 37: Autumn Rain, Quiet Hill Chapter 36: A Brave Movement: Going to the Hill in the Mid of Night Chapter 35: A Thriving Business, That Is All Chapter 34: It’s a Fantasy Chapter 33: One Dose of Medicine to Ease the Mind Chapter 32: Wait for a Guest with One Cup of Tea Chapter 31: Not Jesus Chapter 30: A quack doctor; a foolish young man Chapter 29: About an Extremely Pretty Girl Chapter 28: Nourish the Heart and Soothe the Nerves Chapter 27: Have to Be Shameless Chapter 26: All The Rare Illnesses Can Be Cured Chapter 25: One Promise Made by a Woman Chapter 24: The Mountain Path Is Rugged. It Is Hard to Beg for Medicine Chapter 23: One Promise Is Defeated by Thousands of Yuan Chapter 22: 36 Lattices Chapter 21: In the Meeting, I Just Smile Chapter 20: Catalog of Magic Herbs Chapter 19: There Was a Wonderful Old Chinese Medical Practitioner Chapter 18: Several Herbs Made One Formula Chapter 17: Moonflower Herb and Anshensan Chapter 16: One Bowl of Water Cures Severe Poison Chapter 15: A Hen Doing a Catwalk Chapter 14: Magic Herbs Detoxify All Poisons Chapter 13: All Kinds of Jealousy and Envy Chapter 12: A Fish Leaping Over the Dragon, But Gaining No Bright Future Chapter 11: Good Medicine is Hard to Get Chapter 10: Herbs on the Hill. Fate Brought People Together No Matter How Far Apart They Were Chapter 9: The Plants That Only Existed in a Fairy Tale Chapter 8: Money Was Dancing Chapter 7: Things Are Going Crazy Chapter 6: King of Dates Chapter 5: The Smell of Jujube Chapter 4: All of These Are Rubbish Chapter 3: Rich Handsome Men Chase after Rich Beautiful Women Chapter 2: One Bottle of Water, Two Acres of Herbal Fields Chapter 1: Helping Someone; Surprising Magic
In an inaccessible village, there were a few houses on the hillside. People from far away were attracted here and the mountain road was crowded with luxury cars, because, in this town, there was a young man with incredible medical skills who could cure all kinds of illnesses!
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