Endless Love

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“I’ll just choose the human Priest then. What name should I use?” “ASD.” “Using your initials as ID is so lame.” “QWE aren’t just my initials,” he said coolly. “They’re the first three letters at the top of the keyboard.” • She looked at the short little female dwarf knight on her screen and keyed the three letters in. System prompt: Character successfully created. QWE, the once all-powerful ID was now gone. All that was left was the six worn out letters, QWE and ASD, nestled quietly together on the far left of the keyboard. • Love is a boundlessly vast sea, and you are my only driftwood. A work of profound romance eagerly anticipated by thousands of readers after A Slight Smile is Very Charming. Four years of regard, three years of wait; going round in circles, turns out you are still here.
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