eSports Has No Live Stream

Other name: 电子竞技没有直播 番外
Genre: Sports, Yaoi
Author: Yanzhao Mu, 言朝暮
Translator: teddy bearlations
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 225
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Two years ago, the famous teenage e-sports genius, Daylight, accused an opponent of cheating in a competitive game and eventually disappeared from e-sports. Two years later, the small streamer (ShadowBlade) dominates in an Overwatch match and runs into the super famous streamer, (KangMing). Kang Ming: Can you shoot me again?! – YOU WERE ELIMINATED BY SHADOWBLADE – Kang Ming: Oh. Then ShadowBlade finally realized: if I want to die, I must do it myself.
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