Face Slapping The Slag Gong System (Quick Transmigration)

Other name: 打脸渣攻系统[快穿]
Genre: Yaoi
Author: 一波三折
Translator: Elysian
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 754
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【You will encounter gongs in different worlds with different temperaments and different emotions. They are fine and loyal dogs. 】 【You are superior in appearance, they will love you at first sight, willing to sacrifice all, but soon they will get bored, betray, cheat】 【You are vengeful, and want to take revenge on that slag gong】 “Can.” Qin Mu then put forward his own requirements. “To fall in love, they first must have a good waist and long legs. The abdominal muscles must have eight blocks to satisfy me. As for the face, I am not superficial, as long as it’s of the highest quality I don’t mind.” The thieves are caught, and those slag gongs take for granted that because Qin Mu loves them, he will choose to forgive them.【Smile】 However Qin Mu, who is cold to the bones, only smokes a cigarette and expresses his deep love to a new lover. “Beauty, I want to be with you.” The slag gongs, “Please come back to me, I will never leave you… If you don’t agree and continue to hook up with other people, then I can only break your legs and lock you up. From now on, only I can see you.”
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