Fated Marriage

Other name: 听说姻缘命中注定, 姻缘
Genre: Romance
Author: Big Grey Wolf With Wings, 齐成琨
Translator: Unknown
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Completed
Views: 9,437
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There are 5 books on the 6 sworn brothers in a serial called streamer (流光系列). ‘They are rich, handsome and powerful. These book are on various types of love as well as on the bond and mateship between the brothers. Book on 3rd and 5th brothers. Qin Song:小禽兽 (6th brother) & Han Ting Ting: 小土馒头- They have a contractual marriage but Qin Song has never found a girl like Ting Ting who he is willing to spend 24 hours a day. He thinks it is because of their close proximity so he is slowly falling in love with her. In actual fact, it is love at first sight as there are so many candidates prettier than her yet he selected her. They are a match made in heaven, destinated to be together.
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