Ghost Invasion

Other name: Yǒu guǐ lái xí, 有鬼来袭
Genre: Horror, Josei, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Author: 青椒拌皮蛋
Translator: Reading Attic
Date Released: 2016
Status: Ongoing
Views: 7,829
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How does a whole new world open unto you? Not by resurrecting, not by time-traveling — if you also married a ghost husband that died a month ago, you would understand all of this! If he just died, if I just married, it would still be fine, but he had to come every night and eat me clean! If he just ate me, I would still be able to tolerate, but the living is a hassle too! A coquettish mother-in-law, an uncle that keeps on sending silent love messages to my mother-in-law, and a sullen aunt that never talks……
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