Heavenward on Golden Wings

Other name: No other name
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Author: LupineKing
Translator: Unknown
Date Released: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
Views: 24,025
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BK IV, Chapter Thirty-one: Five Sacred Metals Announcement: No Book, No Launch! BK IV, Chapter Thirty: Bhita BK IV, Chapter Twenty-nine: Wynna of The Blazing Flame BK IV, Chapter Twenty-eight: Soldo's Five Please Help HoGW BK IV, Chapter Twenty-seven: On the Fourth Day... BK IV, Chapter Twenty-six Army Killers BK IV, Chapter Twenty-five: Spear Force BK IV, Chapter Twenty-four: Unexpected Aid BK IV, Chapter Twenty-three: The Sword Fury BK IV, Chapter Twenty-two: A Stand BK IV, Chapter Twenty-one: Two Witches and an Amazon BK IV, Chapter Twenty: The Open BK IV, Chapter Nineteen: News Gets Around BK IV, Chapter Eighteen: Trials & Tryouts BK IV, Chapter Seventeen: Lady Bloodworth's Gamble HoGW Anniversary Special: Relentless HoGW's Second Anniversary Event BK IV, Chapter Sixteen: Pointed Questions BK IV, Chapter Fifteen: Meetings BK IV, Chapter Fourteen: The Problem with Blood Chapter Fifty-three: Perspectives Chapter Fifty-two: Overwhelming Chapter Fifty-one: Grim Prospects Chapter Fifty: Innate Phantasm II Chapter Forty-nine: Innate Phantasm Chapter Forty-eight: A Hateful Bow Chapter Forty-seven: The Exhibition Chapter Forty-six: Steelborn Affairs Chapter Forty-five: Scattering The Clouds Chapter Forty-four: A Sporty Wager II Chapter Forty-three: A Sporty Wager I Chapter Forty-two: The Wind Borne Cloud Chapter Forty-one: Confrontation Chapter Forty: Conclusions Chapter Thirty-nine: Wind Borne Troubles Chapter Thirty-eight: It begins Chapter Thirty-seven: The Zebre Chapter Thirty-six: Motives and Drives Chapter Thirty-five: The Steel Truth II Chapter Thirty-four: The Steel Truth Chapter Thirty-three: Frightening Revelations Chapter Thirty-two: The Awakened Legacy Chapter Thirty-one: The Ancient Will Chapter Thirty: The Daemonic Inclination Chapter Twenty-nine: Into The Lair Chapter Twenty-eight: The Valley Chapter Twenty-seven: A Rescue? Chapter Twenty-six: Widespread Destruction Chapter Twenty-five: Blocked In Chapter Twenty-four: Where Negotiation Fails Chapter Twenty-three: Hunting Solo? Chapter Twenty-two: Array Master of the First Circle Chapter Twenty-one: Innocence Lost Chapter Twenty: Hunting with Grandma II Chapter Nineteen: Hunting with Grandma Chapter Eighteen: Setting Out Chapter Seventeen: ... Of Guile and Force Chapter Sixteen: Contradicting Views? Chapter Fifteen: Let Loose Chapter Fourteen: Commander Vorm's Mission Chapter Thirteen: Commander Vorm's Visit Chapter Twelve: The Hope Not Lost Chapter Eleven: Left With One Chapter Ten: Complications II Chapter Nine: Complications Chapter Eight: Harriers and Cluders Chapter Seven: Arcane Baptism Chapter Six: The Manifold Elemental Incarnations Chapter Five: Essence Theory Chapter Four: Clan Matters Chapter Three: Outstanding Talent? Chapter Two: The Magistrate's Grandson II Chapter One: The Magistrate's Grandson I BK IV, Chapter Thirteen: The Blood Rites BK IV, Chapter Twelve: The O'be BK IV, Chapter Eleven: The Steel Heart Mantra BK IV, Chapter Ten: Lessons with The Smith BK IV, Chapter Nine: People of Shadow BK IV, Chapter Eight: Attunement and Artificing BK IV, Chapter Seven: Secrets of the Orb BK IV, Chapter Six: The Insulted Smith BK IV, Chapter Five: Ghost Goals BK IV, Chapter Four: Steelborn Fighting BK IV, Chapter Three: Patrons and Allies BK IV, Chapter Two: Terse Talks BK IV, Chapter One: Home [Announcement] New Side Project [Announcement] Restructuring HoGW BK III, Chapter Forty-seven: Farewell BK II, Chapter Fifty-six: Dark-winged Vassal BK II, Chapter Fifty-five: Unable to Refuse BK II, Chapter Fifty-four: The Lady Bloodworth BK II, Chapter Fifty-three: Curse Witch BK II, Chapter Fifty-two: Valerian's Siege BK II, Chapter Fifty-one: Auspicious Cloud Divine Body BK II, Chapter Fifty: Monarch Intent BK III, Chapter Thirty-nine: The Skirmish BK III, Chapter Thirty-eight: Meeting at the Barracks BK III, Chapter Thirty-seven: Valerian's Folly? BK III, Chapter Thirty-six: The Ever-present Danger BK III, Chapter Thirty-five: The Siege of Valerian's Redoubt BK III, Chapter Thirty-four: Briefing BK III, Chapter Thirty-three: Assessments BK III, Chapter Thirty-two: Camping BK III, Chapter Thirty-one: Survival Training BK III, Chapter Thirty: The First Commission BK III, Chapter Twenty-nine: General Cultivation II BK III, Chapter Twenty-eight: General Cultivation I BK III, Chapter Twenty-seven: And The Winner Is... BK III, Chapter Twenty-six: Enter The Lion BK III, Chapter Twenty-five: Combat Drills II BK III, Chapter Twenty-four: Combat Drills BK III, Chapter Twenty-three: Military Affairs BK III, Chapter Twenty-two: Nine plus One BK III, Chapter Twenty-one: Introductions BK III, Chapter Twenty: Team Selection BK III, Chapter Nineteen: The Elite BK III, Chapter Eighteen: Assessments BK III, Chapter Seventeen: The Second Exam BK III, Chapter Sixteen: Four Orbs BK III, Chapter Fifteen: The Pitiful People BK III, Chapter Fourteen: The First Exam [Announcement] Anniversary Celebration BK III, Chapter Thirteen: Longhouse Four BK III, Part II: Strapping's BK III, Chapter Twelve: Departure BK III, Chapter Eleven: Grand Meetings BK III, Chapter Ten: Leaving Easter Special: The Epistle of Aganbar "Earth Scourge" BK III, Chapter Nine: The Man in the Shadows BK III, Chapter Eight: Cloudsteel Armour BK III, Chapter Seven: The Mercurial Orb BK III, Chapter Six: Progress BK III, Chapter Five: The Tellurian Physique BK III, Chapter Four: A Lesson in Lethality BK III, Chapter Three: Fitting II Announcement: Midterms are here! BK III, Chapter Two: Fitting BK III, Chapter One: Richard, Richard BK II, Chapter Thirty-one: A Decision Made II BK II, Chapter Thirty: A Decision Made I BK II, Chapter Twenty-nine: Strapping's BK II, Chapter Twenty-eight: Schools and Objectives Valentine's Day Special: Poems for Rebecca HoGW: An Uncertain Fate BK II, Chapter Twenty-seven: Dinner with Family BK II, Chapter Twenty-six: Gifts of the Divine BK II, Chapter Twenty-five: A Legacy In Doubt BK II, Chapter Twenty-four: When Before Your God... BK II, Chapter Twenty-three: The Stormhawk Summons BK II, Chapter Twenty-two: ...Of Offers and the Lack Thereof Announcement: Here We Go Again Important Message To All Readers BK II, Chapter Twenty-one: Perspectives BK II, Chapter Twenty: Overwhelming BK II, Chapter Nineteen: Grim Prospects Special Announcement BK II, Chapter Eighteen: Innate Phantasm II HoGW Returns + Explanations BK II, Chapter Seventeen: Innate Phantasm BK II, Chapter Sixteen: A Hateful Bow BK II, Chapter Fifteen: The Exhibition BK II, Chapter Fourteen: Steelborn Affairs BK II, Chapter Thirteen: Scattering The Clouds BK II, Chapter Twelve: A Sporty Wager II The Run Down [Announcement] BK II, Chapter Eleven: A Sporty Wager I BK II, Chapter Ten: The Wind Borne Cloud BK II, Chapter Nine: Confrontation BK II, Chapter Eight: Conclusions BK II, Chapter Seven: Wind Borne Troubles BK II, Chapter Six: It begins BK II, Chapter Five: The Zebre BK II, Chapter Four: Motives and Drives BK II, Chapter Three: The Steel Truth II BK II, Chapter Two: The Steel Truth BK II, Chapter One: Frightening Revelations BK I, Chapter Thirty-two: The Awakened Legacy BK I, Chapter Thirty-one: The Ancient Will BK I, Chapter Thirty: The Daemonic Inclination BK I, Chapter Twenty-nine: Into The Lair BK I, Chapter Twenty-eight: The Valley BK I, Chapter Twenty-seven: A Rescue? BK I, Chapter Twenty-six: Widespread Destruction BK I, Chapter Twenty-five: Blocked In BK I, Chapter Twenty-four: Where Negotiation Fails BK I, Chapter Twenty-three: Hunting Solo? BK I, Chapter Twenty-two: Array Master of the First Circle BK I, Chapter Twenty-one: Innocence Lost BK I, Chapter Twenty: Hunting with Grandma II BK I, Chapter Nineteen: Hunting with Grandma BK, Chapter Eighteen: Setting Out BK I, Chapter Seventeen: ... Of Guile and Force BK I, Chapter Sixteen: Contradicting Views? BK I, Chapter Fifteen: Let Loose BK I, Chapter Fourteen: Commander Vorm's Mission BK I, Chapter Thirteen: Commander Vorm's Visit BK I, Chapter Twelve: The Hope Not Lost BK I, Chapter Eleven: Left With One BK I, Chapter Ten: Complications II BK I, Chapter Nine: Complications BK I, Chapter Eight: Harriers and Cluders BK I, Chapter Seven: Arcane Baptism BK I, Chapter Six: The Manifold Elemental Incarnations BK I, Chapter Five: Essence Theory BK I, Chapter Four: Clan Matters BK I, Chapter Three: Outstanding Talent? BK I, Chapter Two: The Magistrate's Grandson II BK I, Chapter One: The Magistrate's Grandson I
The world of Verre is a strange and wonderful place filled with strange, bewitching landscapes, hidden planes and daunting dangers. In the midst of this wonder and beauty is a harmonic anarchy. Earth and heaven lie opposed and mankind wars with itself as well as the fearsome beasts they live alongside. It is the right setting for myths and legends. Empires and kingdoms, heroes and villains, all rise and fall. Men, women and daemons compete on this stage seeking godhood, making names for themselves and establishing legacies of their own. Born into one of these legacies is Valerian Steelborn of the House of Cragsveil. Blessed with keen acumen and remarkable abilities he steps into a world he expects a lot out of and it, him. How far would he go and what legacy would he leave behind?
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