Hello, Mr. Major General

Other name: 你好,少将大人
Genre: Romance
Author: Han Wuji
Translator: Qidian International
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 4,895
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Chapter 79: Mr. Huo's Decision (6) Chapter 78: Mr. Huo's Decision (5) Chapter 77: Mr. Huo’s Decision (4) Chapter 76: Mr.Huo’s Decision (3) Chapter 75: Mr. Huo’s Decision (2) Chapter 74: Mr. Huo's Decision (1) Chapter 73: Heavy Gunfire Chapter 72: Untielding Strength Chapter 71: Where’d They Go? Chapter 70: Special Satellite 2 Chapter 69: Dispatch Chapter 68: Ripple Effect Chapter 67: Escalation Chapter 66: The Siren Sounds Chapter 65: What They’re After Chapter 64: Protector Chapter 63: No Signal Chapter 62: Might As Well Feed the Dogs Chapter 61: Concentric Circles (4) Chapter 60: Concentric Circles (3) Chapter 59: Concentric Circles (2) Chapter 58: Concentric Circles Chapter 57: Targeted Chapter 56: Edge Ball Chapter 55: Someone’s Happy, Someone’s Sad Chapter 54: Unexpexted Chapter 53: How Rude Chapter 52: The Pajamas Under the Pillow Chapter 51: Search Chapter 50: With You All The Way Chapter 49: I Miss You Chapter 48: Weekend of Disconnection Chapter 47: Antibody Chapter 46: Comparing People Chapter 45: Hoes Before Bros Chapter 44: Green Tea Vs. Manly B*tch Chapter 43: A Thick-skinned Guest Chapter 42: Real Bros Chapter 41: Touched a Nerve Chapter 40: The Interview (3) Chapter 39: Interview (2) Chapter 38: The Interview (1) Chapter 37: An Uninvited Guest (2) Chapter 36: An Uninvited Guest (1) Chapter 35: Lovebirds Chapter 34: Personal Limits and Professional Ethics Chapter 33: Someone Picks Up, Someone Hangs Up Chapter 32: Finding an Excuse Chapter 31: Let Me Woo You Chapter 30: Confessing My Heart Chapter 29: A Thousand Times Over Chapter 28: A Life or Death Struggle Chapter 27: Hiding in Plain Sight Chapter 26: Absolutely No Privacy Chapter 25: You’re Overthinking It Chapter 24: Don’t Tell Him Chapter 23: A Love Confession Chapter 22: She’s Out of My League Chapter 21: Finally Awake Chapter 20: The First Time Seeing Him Chapter 19: Not a Chance in Hell Chapter 18: Following the Vine to Find the Melon (6) Chapter 17: Following the Vine to Find the Melon (5) Chapter 16: Following the Vine to Find the Melon(4) Chapter 15: Following the Vine to Find the Melon (3) Chapter 14: Following the Vine to Find the Melon(2) Chapter 13: Following the Vine to Find the Melon (1) Chapter 12: What Is The Evidence Chapter 11: Who Does She Think She's Kidding? Chapter 10: You Are My Medicine (7) Chapter 9: You Are My Medicine (6) Chapter 8: You Are My Medicine (5) Chapter 7: You Are My Medicine (4) Chapter 6: You Are My Medicine (3) Chapter 5: You Are My Medicine(2) Chapter 4: You Are My Medicine Chapter 3: Guardian Chapter 2: Afflicted Chapter 1: You Absolutely Have to Come
Gu Nianzhi had no idea how to get the aloof and handsome Major General to fall in love with her. His eyes were dark and serious. “…Seduce me. If you can do it, I’m yours.” Gu Nianzhi: “!!!”
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