Hello, Wife!

Other name: 老婆,你好!
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Author: Butterfly Under The Moon, 月下蝶影
Translator: Fantasy-Books
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 14,466
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He was confused, so he asked, “I have a car, a house, good-looks and money. What am I lacking in?” She replied, “All those attributes are what men use to lure mistresses. So, which of those attributes is a good characteristic?” Ashamed, he reflected, “I am loyal to one and I can host and cook. I can make the bed and accompany you when you wish to go out.” She replied bitterly, “I shall, reluctantly, accept you then.” Good men would not let the women they love fight with the mistress but get rid of them on their own.
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