Heroine of the Broken Engagement

Other name: Konyaku Haki kara no Heroine desu., 婚約破棄からのヒロインです。
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Author: Rei, レイ
Translator: Shinsori Translations
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 3,441
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I, Olga Rifald, has remembered the moment my engagement was canceled. I had died in an accident and got reborn as the heroine in an Otome Game “Princess Road”. The end of this engagement signifies the start of the game. … And, if I’m careless, I will head towards the death route at full speed. … Eh? Isn’t that dangerous? Ain’t dying dangerous? I have already died in my past life, so at least here, I would like to live peacefully…! … That being the case, I will do my best to aim towards the slowlife. … Even though that was the plan!
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