Lady Cultivator

Other name: No other name
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Author: Yun Ji
Translator: Qidian International
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 1,952
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Chapter 64: Staying at the Poisonous Spring Chapter 63: Into the Forest Chapter 62: Monster-Hunting Trip Chapter 61: Zixia Sect’s Mount Yunwu Branch Chapter 60: Purging Chapter 59: Annexation Chapter 58: The Change of Zixia Sect Chapter 57: Before the Minor Inner Competition Chapter 56: Two Years, the Tenth Layer of Aura Refining Realm Chapter 55: There Isn't Much Time Chapter 54: The End Chapter 53: Out of the Valley Chapter 52: Senior Martial Brother Zhou Chapter 51: Night Chapter 50: Fishing in Troubled Waters Chapter 49: The First Victory Chapter 48: Breaking the Formation Chapter 47: A Maze Chapter 46: Miwu Valley Chapter 45: Challenge Chapter 44: Livelihood Chapter 43: Ten Thousand Laws Pavilion Chapter 42: Ungrateful Chapter 41: Encounter on the Road Chapter 40: A Tranquil Life Chapter 39: The Eleventh Layer of Aura Refining Realm Chapter 38: Chatting Chapter 37: Entering the Sect Chapter 36: Win Chapter 35: Competitions Chapter 34: Immortals Assembly Chapter 33: Tranquility Chapter 32: Inventory Chapter 31: Killing Someone Chapter 30: In the Jungle Chapter 29: A Youngster in the Market Chapter 28: Leaving Chapter 27: Meeting Between Uncle and Niece Chapter 26: Ye Jiang Chapter 25: Mount Dongmeng Chapter 24: The Whereabouts of Ye Jiang Chapter 23: Lu Clan of Mount Qingmeng Chapter 22: Asking Around for News Chapter 21: Leaving the Secular World Chapter 20: Foundation Building and Aura Refining Chapter 19: Mo Family's Guest Chapter 18: Encountering A Fight Of Magical Powers On The Road Chapter 17: Spirit Absorbtion Chapter 16: Kidnapped Chapter 15: Human's Heart Is Unpredictable Chapter 14: Evil Intention Chapter 13: Meeting Chapter 12: The First Cultivator Chapter 11: Three Years Chapter 10: The Pearl Bracelet's Secret Chapter 9: The Spiritual Aura Entering the Body Chapter 8: Cultivating Chapter 7: The So-Called Cultivation World Chapter 6: Living Under Other People's Roof Chapter 5: Sick and Die Chapter 4: Waking Up Chapter 3: The Ancestor of Mo Family Chapter 2: An Anomaly in The Ancestral Hall Chapter 1: Mo Family's Village
The challenges a female cultivator had to overcome on her life journey were countless. She mustn’t be lacking in talent, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, and magic weapons. Otherwise, her cultivation would progress too slowly. She also mustn’t have too many emotions, weaknesses, kindness, and greed. If she had too much of them, she would soon be saying hello with death. Moreover, she must look neither too pretty nor too ugly. Although she mustn’t be stupid, she also couldn’t be too intelligent. Being a female cultivator, Mo Tiange naturally had to face those challenges. Nevertheless, being orphaned from a young age had toughened her tenacity and resilience. Neither having what were deemed as waste spiritual roots nor limited resources could deter her spirit. Staying as inconspicuous as possible but never let an opportunity go was her daily life. Follow Mo Tiange as she embarked on a journey to survive and achieve immortality in the harsh and merciless cultivation world…
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