My House of Horrors

Other name: No other name
Genre: Mystery
Author: I Fix Air-Conditioner
Translator: Qidian International
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 3,042
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Chapter 129: The Cat That Can See Them Chapter 128: Stray Cat Chapter 127: Equipment Upgrade Chapter 126: A Brave Idea Chapter 125: Take Your Mannequins Away! Chapter 124: Possible Red Specter Chapter 123: Escape Chapter 122: Wake Him Up! Chapter 121: Sleepwalking? Chapter 120: Rusted Key Chapter 119: He Has Returned Chapter 118: He's Crazy Chapter 117: Reason Behind the Hair Washing Chapter 116: OCD Chapter 115: Room 303 Chapter 114: Hai Ming Apartments Chapter 113: A Brave Idea Chapter 112: Sounds Familiar Chapter 111: Getting Closer Chapter 110: The Same Dream Chapter 109: Second Special Visitor Chapter 108: The Secret of the Third Sick Hall Chapter 107: Invisible Customer Chapter 106: The Sound Behind the Door Chapter 105: Second Haunted House Worker! Chapter 104: Give Me One Minute Chapter 103: One Survivor Chapter 102: Reward: Hiring the Pen Spirit Chapter 101: Mu Yang High School's Hidden Mission! Chapter 100: What Happened to Fei Youliang? Chapter 99: Silently Looking at You Chapter 98: There's Someone Behind You Chapter 97: The Rampaging Pen Spirit Chapter 96: Game Start Chapter 95: All School Uniforms Chapter 94: New Customers Chapter 93: Twenty-four Names Chapter 92: Request Chapter 91: Increasing Popularity Chapter 90: The Cursed Ballpoint Pen Chapter 89: Deep Well Chapter 88: The Truth Chapter 87: You Are Inside the Drawing Chapter 86: The Last Classroom Chapter 85: I Should Be Afraid! Chapter 84: It's Time Chapter 83: How Do I Complete This Mission? Chapter 82: The Only Witness Chapter 81: Children Chapter 80: The Fifth Cubicle in the Toilet Chapter 79: A Chance to Redeem Yourself Chapter 78: I Can't Control My Right Hand Chapter 77: The Paper and Pen on the Table Chapter 76: School on a Rainy Night Chapter 75: Mu Yang High School Chapter 74: Group Photo Chapter 73: Red and Black Chapter 72: Two-Star Scenario! Chapter 71: Heaven Inside the Well Chapter 70: Special Visitor Chapter 69: Door in the Mirror Chapter 68: Midnight Ticket Counter Chapter 67: You Can See Her? Chapter 66: Build Her a Park Chapter 65: Captain Yan Chapter 64: Ate It? Chapter 63: Someone's in the House Chapter 62: Four-Star Scenario! Chapter 61: Affection Level Increase Chapter 60: You've Found Another Murder Case? Chapter 59: Together Forever Chapter 58: Red Dancing Shoes Chapter 57: She Has Arrived Chapter 56: She Who Cannot Be Named Chapter 55: Five Girls Chapter 54: Arts Activities Center Chapter 53: The Chair Is Moving Chapter 52: First Date Chapter 51: The Choice Chapter 50: Meaning of the Number Chapter 49: Xiao Chen, Are You Hurt! Chapter 48: Please Let Me Go! Chapter 47: I'm an Emotionless Killer Chapter 46: Suspect Chapter 45: Someone Is Trying to Kill Me! Chapter 44: Reviews Chapter 43: Mission Complete Chapter 42: Sixty Seconds Chapter 41: Hold Your Breath Chapter 40: New Nightmare Mission Chapter 39: The Sound from the Third Floor Chapter 38: Underground Parking Lot Chapter 37: Expansion Chapter 36: Danger Chapter 35: Shattered Mirror Chapter 34: Goodwill Chapter 33: Correct Usage of the Missing Person Notice Chapter 32: Dolls, Dolls, Dolls Chapter 31: Who Is He? Chapter 30: The Eighth Person Chapter 29: Xiao Wan, Doctor Skull-cracker Chapter 28: Different From What You Told Us Chapter 27: New Item Chapter 26: Boss, You're on TV Chapter 25: Unlocking a New Scenario Chapter 24: I Caught the Killer! Chapter 23: Real Killer Chapter 22: Murder by Midnight Chapter 21: Party of More Than One? Chapter 20: Crime Scene Chapter 19: Rising Popularity Chapter 18: Livestream Chapter 17: Fu An Apartments Chapter 16: Don't Spend Your Night Here Chapter 15: Landlord Chapter 14: Missing Persons Notice Chapter 13: Blessing or Curse? Chapter 12: Wheel of Misfortune Chapter 11: How Do You Sleep at Night? Chapter 10: Mirror Mirror Chapter 9: Scared to Tears Chapter 8: Black Friday Chapter 7: Minghun Chapter 6: Beauty Make-up Chapter 5: 25 Minutes and 14 Seconds! Chapter 4: Surprise Reward Chapter 3: Nightmare Mission Chapter 2: A Curious Daily Mission Chapter 1: Dying House of Horrors
The hearse with the weird odor slowed to a stop before the entrance. The sound of pebbles could be heard bouncing on the ceiling. There were footsteps coming from the corridor, and there seemed to be someone sawing next door. The door knob to the room rattled slightly, and the faucet in the bathroom kept dripping even though it had been screwed shut. There was a rubber ball that rolled on its own underneath the bed. Wet footsteps started to surface one after another on the floor. At 3 am, Chen Ge held a cleaver in his hand as he hid beside the room heater. The call he was trying to make was finally answered. “Landlord, is this what you meant by ‘the house can be a little crowded at night’‽”
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