My Nightclub Landlady

Other name: 我的夜店老板娘
Genre: Action, Martial Arts
Author: 雨中梧桐
Translator: MeeJee
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 15,705
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Chapter 186 Nearly desperate telling Chapter 185 The Ultimate Joke Chapter 184 Hugging knees to start crying Chapter 183 The greatest consolation Chapter 182 In the name of protecting her Chapter 181 For Xiao He Chapter 180 My instructions Chapter 179 Past events of Cross Fire Chapter 178 A Situation That Must Be Controlled Chapter 177 What Exactly Should He Do Chapter 176 Heartless Chapter 175 They Are Dirty Inside Chapter 174 Can't Stand Up to Torment Chapter 173 Left or Right Chapter 172 Back to the Qin Family Compound Chapter 171 Father-Son Relationship Chapter 170 The Biggest Young Master in Tianhe Chapter 169 Thoughts in Mind Chapter 168 Drink up the alcohol Chapter 167 Being Moved At The Moment Chapter 166 Change In The Relationship With Sister Flower Chapter 165 His Own Little Interest Chapter 164 Difficult To Tell Chapter 163 A Doomed Ending Chapter 162 Pure Training Chapter 161 An Endless Debt Chapter 160 The Embarrassment After The Crisis Chapter 159 A Fierce Battle In The Villa Chapter 158 The Monumental Poison Chapter 157 Because I Am Qin Feng Chapter 156 Beat Him To The Ground Chapter 155 Chopped Into Pieces to Feed the Dog Chapter 154 A Confrontation in a Villa Area Chapter 153 Beg Me To Climb In My Bed Chapter 152 A Dead End Chapter 151 A Chief Chapter 150 Sales skills Chapter 149 Five million Chapter 148 Crushed Chapter 147 Compete Chapter 146 No temper Chapter 145 Memory Chapter 144 Impulse after getting drunk Chapter 143 Bad appearance Chapter 142 Difficult Chapter 141 Jealous Chapter 140 Father and Son Consultation Chapter 139 Tracking Chapter 138 Hard Work Chapter 137 Wonderful Figure Chapter 136 It doesn' t matter Chapter 135 It won’t disappear Chapter 134 The experience of Green Snake Chapter 133 Action Chapter 132 Take him down Chapter 131 The relationship between us Chapter 130 The Return of Green Snake Chapter 129 Return home Chapter 128 Wipe them out Chapter 127 Valley Charge Chapter 126 Rescue the Hostages Chapter 125 Historical Heroes Chapter 124 A Frenzied Volley of Fire Chapter 123 Look At My Gesture Chapter 122 Struggle to Fight with Life Chapter 121 Can’t Be Relieved Chapter 120 Encounter an Ambush Chapter 119 Front Line Chapter 118 The Task Chapter 117 To Go Chapter 116 A Bright Future Chapter 115 Constipation Chapter 114 Hua’er Hutong Chapter 113 Struggle Chapter 112 Blasphemy Chapter 111 Surprise Chapter 110 No Future Trouble Chapter 109 A Complete Person Chapter 108 No Escape Chapter 107 Solemn Vow Chapter 106 Mission Chapter 105 Tear Chapter 104 Intention Chapter 103 Kneel Down And Beg Chapter 102 The Game of Life Chapter 101 The Peach Blossom Mirror and Sister Wen Chapter 100 Disaster Looms over Li Faxian Chapter 99 A Phone Call Chapter 98 Carnal Lust Chapter 97 Guard Chapter 96 The Joyous Expression Chapter 95 The Rights of Officials Chapter 94 Fatherly Love Chapter 93 Cunning Chapter 92 Lawlessness Chapter 91 Arrested Chapter 90 The Public Eye Chapter 89 Get Close Chapter 88 First Awakening of Love Chapter 87 Five Years Ago Chapter 86 Affection Chapter 85 Rush Out The Door Chapter 84 Unbelievable Chapter 83 Gratitude Chapter 82 Wealth Chapter 81 Always Loyal Chapter 80 Collapse Chapter 79 Search & Destroy Chapter 78 A Decent Statement Chapter 77 Combat Force Chapter 76 Repentance Chapter 75 No Escape Chapter 74 Zhao Jun's Pain Chapter 73 Just Taking Up Space Chapter 72 Hurling Bottles Chapter 71 Lone Ranger Chapter 70 Go Die Chapter 69 It doesn’t matter to have a try Chapter 68 Skill Chapter 67 Afterglow Chapter 66 The Supersonic Chapter 65 Dancing Chapter 64 Inner Struggles Chapter 63 Rotten Egg Chapter 62 Cohabitation Chapter 61 Guilt Chapter 60 Trust him with his daughter Chapter 59 Losing face Chapter 58 Pretending Chapter 57 Exposure of identity Chapter 56 The outcome Chapter 55 The implications Chapter 54 Cease to exist except in name Chapter 53 Sniper Chapter 52 Burial Ground Chapter 51 The Rat Chapter 50 The Four Powers Chapter 49 The List Chapter 48 The Salt Farm Chapter 47 The strange call Chapter 46 The Salt Farm Chapter 45 The strange call Chapter 44 Put his mind at ease Chapter 43 Thai boxing Chapter 42 To move her by sincerity Chapter 41 Let’s talk outside Chapter 40 At peace with each other Chapter 39 Resume the relationship Chapter 38 I'll be right there Chapter 37 Return from Sanya Chapter 36 Lousy idea Chapter 35 No one cares Chapter 34 Push-up Chapter 33 Orphaned Chapter 32 Misunderstanding Chapter 31 Easy Chapter 30 Duties Chapter 29 Horrifying Chapter 28 The Dancer and the Cab Chapter 27 Fire Chapter 26 Fierce fight at the back door Chapter 25 Chapter 24 Chapter 23 Chapter 22 Chapter 22 Chapter 21 Chapter 21 Chapter 20 Chapter 19 Chapter 18 Chapter 17 Chapter 16 Chapter 15 Chapter 14 Chapter 13 Chapter 12 Chapter 11 Chapter 10 Chapter 9 Chapter 8 Chapter 7 Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 1
After my brother in arms died to save my life, I swore to protect his sister, no matter the cost. Little did I know the grip the underworld had in her town. Working undercover in a Nightclub/Hotel in the gangster infested city of Tianhe, I must deal with the problems that arise from corruption, money, and the search for power.
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