National School Prince Is A Girl

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Chapter 172: Did You Forget About the Bedtime Stories? Chapter 171: Need to Be “Gentle” with Your Little Brother in Bed Chapter 170: Bedding the Almighty? Chapter 169: Almighty Is Going to Bed Chapter 168: Almighty Started Grilling Fu Jiu Again Chapter 167: Almighty Finds Something Chapter 166: Almighty Gives His Highness Jiu a Table Bam Chapter 165: Almighty’s Trick Chapter 164: Almighty Starts to Grill Fu Jiu Chapter 163: Take Me to Your Young Master’s Room Chapter 162: Qin Mo Orders You to Head to the Fu Residence Chapter 161: Qin Mo Is Waiting at School Chapter 160: No Fun to Beat Them Up Here! Chapter 159: Lord Jiu’s Wisdom Chapter 158: The Battle Team Is Formed! Chapter 157: A Successful Gay Meetup! Chapter 156: Academic Trash! Chapter 155: Putting Highness Jiu’s Face on Pillows! Chapter 154: Fu Jiu Was Never A Useless Trash Chapter 153: All Team Members’ Gay Meetup Chapter 152: Qin Mo Takes Fu Jiu to School in Person Chapter 151: At Dawn, the Man Had Some Physical Reaction Chapter 150: Sleeping Spooned Chapter 149: Sleeping in the Same Bed! Chapter 148: His Little Brother Needs Discipline! Chapter 147: That’s Right! Let's Sleep Together! Chapter 146: Sleep Together! Chapter 145: Almighty Qin Wants to Control Lord Jiu? Chapter 144: Almighty’s Words Are Like Slaps to the Face Chapter 143: Fu Ximing Says That Spade Z Is Nobody! Chapter 142: Attention to All Servers, Block Little Ripple! Chapter 141: Lord Jiu and Almighty’s Teamwork Chapter 140: Someone Looks Down Upon Almighty? Chapter 139: A Jealous CEO Qin Chapter 138: This Guy Is Flirting Again! Chapter 137: Young Master Treats Him Like a Friend Chapter 136: Almighty Qin Dries His Highness Jiu’s Hair Chapter 135: Bringing Him Home For A Shower, Almighty Turned Gay? Chapter 134: Almighty and Fu Jiu’s Juicy Jade Rabbits... Chapter 133: Lord Jiu Is Taking a Shower... Chapter 132: Fu Jiu Slept with Almighty? Chapter 131: Lord Jiu Falls into Almighty Qin’s Trap and Stays Over Chapter 130: She Had to Sleep Here for the Night Chapter 129: Qin Mo and Fu Jiu Spends the Night Together Chapter 128: Boys and Girls Shouldn’t Share The Same Table In the Future Chapter 127: The Difference Between Academic Trash and Straight As Chapter 126: Sweet Tutoring Sessions Chapter 125: Qin Mo Feeds Lord Jiu Chapter 124: Chapter 125: Who Made An Elder Brother Like Me Fail To Meet The Mark Chapter 123: Almighty Qin Said To Finish You Chapter 122: Qin Mo Indulges His Little Brother Chapter 121: Almighty Qin Disciplines Lord Jiu at Home Chapter 120: Almighty Qin, Going Back with Me Chapter 119: Almighty Qin’s Face Slapping Chapter 118: I Will Be Your Private Physics Tutor Later On Chapter 117: Almighty Qin’s Jealousy Reaches a Whole New Level Chapter 116: Qin Mo’s Jealousy Chapter 115: Young Master Qin’s Jealousy Elevated Chapter 114: Almighty Qin Treats the Young Man Differently Chapter 113: Almighty Qin Starts Turning Jealous Chapter 112: Almighty Is Becoming More and More of a Little Brother Maniac Chapter 111: The Perfect Excuse Chapter 110: Time to Get Changed Chapter 109: Indirect Kissing? Chapter 108: Almighty Qin Is Really Nice to This “Little Brother” Chapter 107: Lord Jiu Started to Tease Almighty Qin Again Chapter 106: Almighty Qin Got Out of the Car to Grab Jiu Directly Chapter 105: Taking You to Play Tennis Chapter 104: Be the King of the New Star Selection Contest Chapter 103: Lord Jiu’s Gaming Skill (Very Cool) Chapter 102: Almighty Qin Teases Fu Jiu Chapter 101: Almighty Qin Said, Come Out, I’ll Take You to Lunch Chapter 100: Jealous, Is Fu Jiu Gay or Straight? Chapter 99: Protecting Lord Jiu’s Bestie Chapter 98: Don't Send Such Pictures to Me Again Anymore Chapter 97: Scheming Lord Jiu, Master of Money-making Chapter 96: Lord Jiu Ye Beats You Swollen with His Domineering Power! Chapter 95: Lord Jiu Speaks Up Chapter 94: Almighty Qin Appears Chapter 93: Almighty Qin, Insulting My Little Brother? Chapter 92: Lord Jiu Said, That’s Right, I Came to Insta-kill You! Chapter 91: Almighty Qin Says, Who Does He Think He Is? Daring to Challenge My Little Brother? Chapter 90: Wanting To Coach Lord Jiu On Playing Games? Chapter 89: Face Slapping? Need Your Brother To Control the Situation For You? Chapter 88: You Are Merely Pretty Chapter 87: Turned Gay? Chapter 86: About to Canoodle? Chapter 85: With Almighty Qin’s Support, You Can Slap Faces Even Harder Chapter 84: CEO Being Abnormal, Mistaking Someone for Another Chapter 83: Eating Together, Cloud and Mud Chapter 82: Almighty Qin Asks Fu Jiu to Call Him Big Brother Chapter 81: Almighty Qin Playing Tricks on Lord Jiu Chapter 80: Almighty Qin Backs Up Lord Jiu Chapter 79: Fu Jiu Wants Alone Time with Almighty Qin Chapter 78: Almighty Qin’s Thoughts Chapter 77: Almighty Qin’s Guilt Chapter 76: Young Master Qin’s Limits Chapter 75: Lord Jiu Flirts with Almighty Qin Chapter 74: Almighty Qin Is Coming, Lord Jiu... Chapter 73: Young Master Qin, Lord Jiu’s First Partner Chapter 72: Almighty Qin Asks Where Was Fu Jiu, She’s Eating Hot Pot Chapter 71: CEO Qin Is Enraged. You Told Him to Leave, Who Do You Think You Are?! Chapter 70: CEO Qin Went to Look for Fu Jiu, But... Chapter 69: CEO Qin Decided to Check on That Guy’s Test Result Chapter 68: Lord Jiu Tears the Report Sheet to Pieces Chapter 67: Manager Puts Obstacles in Fu Jiu’s Way Chapter 66: Almighty Qin Said No More Flirting at The Company! Chapter 65: Almighty Qin Asked What Were You Doing, Fu Jiu Replied: I’m Flirting! Chapter 64: You Are Precisely The One Being Fooled! Chapter 63: Bullying Young Master Fu? Courting Death! Chapter 62: Lord Jiu Is About to Slap Faces Chapter 61: What If He Turned Gay? Chapter 60: Flirted With Almighty A Little Before Bed Chapter 59: The Oppressive Pressure Coming from the Almighty Chapter 58: Someone Wanted to Raise Fu Jiu Onto A Pedestal as an Almighty Chapter 57: Putting up Almighty’s First Night for Auction Chapter 56: Almighty Qin Is Online, The World Explodes! Chapter 55: The Almighty Is Dating Online? Chapter 54: Almighty Said, This Is a Gay Meetup Gift Chapter 53: Logging In to Flirt with the Almighty Chapter 52: Kept Flirting with the God Chapter 51: Fu Jiu Flirts with the Almighty Again Chapter 50: Qin Mo: Let Me Take You Home Chapter 49: Have A Control On Him When You Need To, Almighty Qin! Chapter 48: Give the Bill to Your Lord Jiu Chapter 47: Why Have A Gay Meetup? Chapter 46: CEO Qin, Do You Really Think Fu Jiu Is Spade Z? Chapter 45: Fu Jiu: Almighty Qin, Do You Need Me to Take Off Your Pants For You? Chapter 44: Taken to the Men’s Room by Almighty Qin Chapter 43: Black-bellied Almighty Qin, Following Fu Jiu to the Restroom? Chapter 42: Almighty Qin Touched Fu Jiu’s Head... Chapter 41: If You Are Under Me, I’ll Consider It Chapter 40: Qin Mo Took Fu Jiu To Dinner! Chapter 39: Don’t Bully Little Kids! Chapter 38: Fu Jiu & Qin Mo, Gay Meetup 2 Chapter 37: Fu Jiu & Qin Mo, In the Middle of Their Gay Meetup 1 Chapter 36: Where Are You Going, Young Master? Fu Jiu: Meeting Up With Qin Mo~ Chapter 35: Complete Change of View! Fu Jiu! Chapter 34: Stay in Contact, Young Master Qin Said, You Get in My Car Directly Chapter 33: Before A Gay Meetup, Fu Jiu Flirts With Girls Chapter 32: Give You a Taste of Liking Someone! Chapter 31: Qin Mo Asked: Before A Gay Meetup, Are You A Boy Or A Girl? Chapter 30: Almighty Qin, What About a Gay Meetup? Chapter 29: Young Master, Stop Kidding! How Could You Know How to Play Games? Chapter 28: Qin Mo, About to Find Him! Chapter 27: Fu Jiu: But It Will Never Be Absent! Chapter 26: Fu Jiu, Justice Might Be Late... Chapter 25: Everything Has Just Begun Chapter 24: Fu Jiu’s Most Handsome Side Chapter 23: Fu Jiu Flirts With Qin Mo Chapter 22: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s Encounter Chapter 21: CEO Qin, Found Spade Z! (Love and Hate) Chapter 20: Fu Jiu’s Real Power, Cool! Chapter 19: Fu Jiu, Let Them Come Beg Me! Chapter 18: Fu Jiu Was Furious Chapter 17: Fu Jiu, You Better Not Regret Chapter 16: Made CEO Qin Stumble, Keep Looking! Chapter 15: Spade Z Was No Teacher, But A Student! Chapter 14: What If I Wanted to Sleep With You? Chapter 13: Praising Me by Touching Me? Chapter 12: Fu Jiu Ate Young Master Qin’s Tofu Chapter 11: Fu Jiu Crashed Into Qin Mo’s Arms Chapter 10: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 3 Chapter 9: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 2 Chapter 8: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 1 Chapter 7: Young Master Qin Lifted His Eyebrow, Was He Rejected? Chapter 6: Hacker in Action and Meeting Qin Mo in Games Chapter 5: Keeping a School Male God? Chapter 4: Direct Face Smacking, Cool! Chapter 3: Meeting an Old Enemy, Slap in the Face Chapter 2: A New Fu Jiu, Cool Chapter 1: Hacker Queen Becomes a High School Student
On the surface, she’s a gay high school boy. In reality, she’s the hacker known as Z, who hunts criminals on the Internet. A girl dressed in men’s clothes; a master at playing games, punishing evil, and having the highest skill in seducing girls. When people learned that “he” was actually female, the entire population blew up! Fu Jiu: “Great Deity Qin, do you have a girlfriend?” Qin Mo puts down the laptop: “I don’t have one.” Fu Jiu starts to seduce in a low voice: “In that case, you have one starting now. Me.” Hearing this, Qin Mo leans over tyrannically. Fu Jiu is dumbstruck: “Hold on! What are you doing?” Qin Mo: “Using my privilege as a boyfriend.”
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