NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System

Other name: 当废宅得到系统
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
Author: Idle Fish Goes Ashore
Translator: Qidian International
Date Released: 2016
Status: Ongoing
Views: 760,273
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Chapter 675: You wouldn't understand Chapter 674: Go find Seiji Haruta! Chapter 673: What are you calculating? Chapter 672: I'll destroy that screwed up illusion of yours! Chapter 671: This is such a classical hero’s journey Chapter 670: I shall fight for the sake of being able to remain an otaku forever! Chapter 669: Suppose that the person the most important to you died because of you Chapter 668: Kanzaki Chapter 667: You have no idea how many sins your family has committed Chapter 666: This isn’t something that the current you can handle Chapter 665: He killed his teammates!? Chapter 664: I’m sorry that I can’t protect you anymore Chapter 663: We are creating history Chapter 662: Only the final victor can survive!? Chapter 661: Defeating evil spirits! Chapter 660: That lonely flower Chapter 659: Bloodwine Spirit Chapter 658: Bloodwar Alliance Chapter 657: Shigure Tendo is an unskilled thinker Chapter 656: Revolution Chapter 655: That sounds so realistic that I almost believed it Chapter 654: Messenger of Revenge Chapter 653: Revenge Alliance Chapter 652: Are you really a member of the Haruta Family? Chapter 651: I’m sorry for borrowing your name to act so pretentiously. Chapter 650: I want to play cards with somebody Chapter 649: Was it really alright to be so blissful right before the major tournament battle? Chapter 648: I hope to continue being able to interact with you like this Chapter 647: Get away from my little sister! Chapter 646: Sister, you actually really enjoyed that, didn’t you? Chapter 645: Why is it always the breasts!? Chapter 644: I just happened to be… drinking tea Chapter 643: Just how much of a misunderstanding do you have about me and him!? Chapter 642: Thank you, my dear knight Chapter 641: I want to draw ero drawings! Chapter 640: Elf Ranger Chapter 639: You have died Chapter 638: I’m unable to bring him out Chapter 637: Crystal Chapter 636: You absolutely can’t let it catch you!! Chapter 635: Elf archer!? Chapter 634: Do you think that I went overboard? Chapter 633: Don’t blame me for killing in self-defense! Chapter 632: There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore Chapter 631: Is this a secret garden? Chapter 630: Thank you for taking me here Chapter 629: Don’t want to be by myself Chapter 628: Elf Chapter 627: It blocked the portal! Chapter 626: My… balls hurt… Chapter 625: A trap and a gender changer… Chapter 624: Do you desire to become a magical girl? Chapter 623: His personal experience is just like… Chapter 622: Daddy, someone's kissing! Chapter 621: Do you want to add her to your harem? Chapter 620: Doujigiri Chapter 619: Excellent! Come!! Chapter 618: Let’s play with buffs Chapter 617: I feel like I was scammed! Chapter 616: There was once a truly sincere… Chapter 615: What part of me left you such a deep impression? Chapter 614: You’re all free to decide what you want to do Chapter 613: Just like you, I’m human Chapter 612: Don’t come over! You monster!! Chapter 611: Quite a daring idea… Chapter 610: Everyone witnessed the critical moment! Chapter 609: Humanity was slaughtered! Chapter 608: None of you have any knowledge of the Magic-Devouring Dragon’s true strength! Chapter 607: Taste the wrath of humanity, Magic-Devouring Dragon!! Chapter 606: I hope that you can live Chapter 605: Even if death comes the next instant Chapter 604: He was seeing bright lights Chapter 603: Only a living adventurer is an adventurer Chapter 602: Actually, I wasn’t trying to act cool Chapter 601: He’s fine when he’s acting serious Chapter 600: Of course I’ll let you use me Chapter 599: We might be brushing by death Chapter 598: I might just cry Chapter 597: I confessed to Mika Chapter 596: It’s all Seiji’s fault… Chapter 595: They’re not acting Chapter 594: An answer she never dreamed of! Chapter 593: I really like you Chapter 592: Because I’m the author of this novel! Chapter 591: Is this really just an inspection!? Chapter 590: This is only a small inspection Chapter 589: I’ve met him… Chapter 588: Sister, don’t be afraid Chapter 587: Aren’t they supposed to be love rivals? Chapter 586: Why does it seem so immoral? Chapter 585: Indeed, it’s been a long time Chapter 584: I could also try wearing that for you Chapter 583: Are you usually fighting for the sake of justice? Chapter 582: In the end, I’m still too poor Chapter 581: Harano-kun is such a pervert Chapter 580: What exactly do you want to catch!? Chapter 579: I am the main personality! Chapter 578: You've acquired a strange trait overnight! Chapter 577: Only strength can allow livestock to become a man Chapter 576: You don’t know what true strength is at all Chapter 575: Should I pretend that I saw nothing? Chapter 574: I shall smite you in the name of flat chests which are justice! Chapter 573: Your older sister has the right to know her younger sister’s love situation! Chapter 572: I definitely won’t use such a thing! Chapter 571: I want you to feed me with your mouth~ Chapter 570: That was actually the source!? Chapter 569: Please accept someone like me Chapter 568: How much are your feelings worth? Chapter 567: I like you the most Chapter 566: The basic goal of games like PUBG is to survive! Chapter 565: Because I have something to gain Chapter 564: I must protect Brother Chapter 563: I’m just such a terrible person... Chapter 562: Teehee, the hell! Chapter 561: You… had plastic surgery? Chapter 560: Because I want you Chapter 559: Is this supposed to be just “slightly dangerous”!? Chapter 558: I find it quite difficult to counter this reason for attacking me Chapter 557: I’m a minotaur! Chapter 556: Two strange and powerful individuals… Chapter 555: This is the final form! Chapter 554: Why does it feel a little perverted? Chapter 553: They became so large Chapter 552: I want to always be with you Chapter 551: Sweet and a little numb Chapter 550: Inner World Chapter 549: Because it’s really comfortable in Brother’s room… Chapter 548: Bloodwine Ritual Chapter 547: This is everything that I think Chapter 546: Even if you have to marry me? Chapter 545: I know Chapter 544: At this moment, he recalled… Chapter 543: Just incredible Chapter 542: Valentine’s Day Chapter 541: Just act like a proper victor Chapter 540: Could this be… the true form? Chapter 539: I want to kill you! Chapter 538: Indeed, I am insane Chapter 537: I should have won! Chapter 536: I didn’t just meet her randomly on the street Chapter 535: I feel that it’s worthwhile to observe her Chapter 534: It’s a good thing to have a girlfriend who forced you to quit smoking Chapter 533: I’m going to die without Anna Chapter 532: “True Knight Order” Chapter 531: Have you been doing well recently? Chapter 530: Perhaps there will be an anime made in the future Chapter 529: I’m buying it! Chapter 528: Too fierce… Chapter 527: What do you think of humans? Chapter 526: I’m just a high school detective passing by Chapter 525: The creator who received divine inspiration Chapter 524: Please open your mouth. Say ahh~ Chapter 523: “Hero” Chapter 522: I’ll be more than happy to! Chapter 521: I refuse to become your harem manager! Chapter 520: The publication of “Brother Monogatari”! Chapter 519: Are there beautiful nurses that… Chapter 518: You're the best spirit! Chapter 517: "Release" Chapter 516: Snap! Chapter 515: This is just like cheating! Chapter 514: I was just warming up Chapter 513: Let’s watch fireworks together Chapter 512: I'm not such a kind girl Chapter 511: I detect the scent of something improper Chapter 510: “Anna” Chapter 509: You can do anything you want~ Chapter 508: It might be better to be more black-bellied Chapter 507: You are a good person Chapter 506: Be careful of handsome guys that make such an offer! Chapter 505: With this team, I can… Chapter 504: I’ve already seen so many other worlds! Chapter 503: The Undying Indestructible Avenger Chapter 502: The prince is waiting for you Chapter 501: This world is truly unfair Chapter 500: This is the only request I want fulfilled in my entire life! Chapter 499: Amazing! Chapter 498: Demon Fox? Chapter 497: Leave your cute younger sister to me Chapter 496: “I Transformed into a Smartphone in Another World” Chapter 495: This is… a sword-drawing technique!? Chapter 494: “Sengoku Girls’ Middle School” Chapter 493: Are you joking with me? Chapter 492: This Restaurant Owner is So Cool! Chapter 491: “The Weakest Undefeated Magic Mecha God” Chapter 490: I could get addicted to this! Chapter 489: “Moonlight Eatery in Another World” Chapter 488: Sorry for getting in the way of your flirting Chapter 487: You’re breaking the rules! Chapter 486: Let’s play together, Harano onii-san~ Chapter 485: I don’t have any experience dealing with high school girls! Chapter 484: This is my first time meeting such a handsome pervert Chapter 483: I’m interested in women Chapter 482: Gold Award winner Chapter 481: Worthy of far more Chapter 480: “What Should I Do Because I’ve Grown Cat Ears And Can See Ghosts?” Chapter 479: Why do you want her? Chapter 478: Gather Spirit-branded Retainers that are willing to fight for you Chapter 477: “Neo Humans” Chapter 476: Raise them and take advantage of them! Chapter 475: Can I touch them? Chapter 474: This test is far too difficult! Chapter 473: “The ties of blood surpass even hell” Chapter 472: I want to see you Chapter 471: No release Chapter 470: That’s all the points I can obtain on this test Chapter 469: A maximum of one minute Chapter 468: Hell’s Aura Chapter 467: Strength is everything! Chapter 466: I’ve already done such a thing twice already Chapter 465: He’s awakened his desires Chapter 464: Basically the distance from Earth to Mars Chapter 463: I accept killing people Chapter 462: The Princess sure is difficult to deal with Chapter 461: “The shame of the Newcomers’ Awards” Chapter 460: “Pest elimination” Chapter 459: Shinobu-chan, would you like to come with me? Chapter 458: She is a demon Chapter 457: Bite you! Chapter 456: Allow me to become Brother’s Spirit-branded Retainer Chapter 455: I feel like I’m fighting with a robot… Chapter 454: Shinobu Ningyo Chapter 453: Soul-Imbuing Ritual Chapter 452: Actually, it’s not that much of a bother… Chapter 451: She really spoke! Chapter 450: Betrothal Chapter 449: Too comfortable! Chapter 448: Let's do it right now Chapter 447: There was this type of trick!? Chapter 446: Are you really human? Chapter 445: Yin-Yang Master Seiji Chapter 444: "White Calamity" Chapter 443: This feels like a lovers’ quarrel Chapter 442: Delighted to come to a mutual accord Chapter 441: Just one more step! Chapter 440: My younger sister is amazing as well Chapter 439: You were quite vicious at that time Chapter 438: Gray-clothed Garr Chapter 437: This place is the Soul World!? Chapter 436: I have a Kapok tree bark wooden sword… Chapter 435: "Forest Palace" Chapter 434: Pretend not to see anything Chapter 433: I don’t understand what you’re saying! Chapter 432: I apologize, I lost control of myself Chapter 431: I bet you’re still a virgin, aren’t you? Chapter 430: The Holy Light shall protect me! Chapter 429: A student librarian is a classical character Chapter 428: Going to school equals cultivation Chapter 427: With how big the Spirit Worlds are, I’d like to go visit them Chapter 426: I can accept bleeding a little every day Chapter 425: You’re definitely not Senpai! Chapter 424: It’s so appropriate for the beautiful you Chapter 423: Harem brains are unsalvageable Chapter 422: I would like for you to defeat our older sister Chapter 421: Isn’t this just like a secret organization!? Chapter 420: Red leaves Chapter 419: "Awakened" Chapter 418: I only need the Princess’s smile. Chapter 417: Take proper responsibility Chapter 416: "Goddess" Chapter 415: My ancestor… seems to have been a spider Chapter 414: Possession Chapter 413: “Mystical connection" Chapter 412: Spider slaying Chapter 411: Save me! Chapter 410: Relax, it'll be fine Chapter 409: I can take care of it with just my imposing manner! Chapter 408: You’re actually a Spiritual Ability user? Chapter 407: Barriers Chapter 406: “Soul World" Chapter 405: 'Great Misfortune' Chapter 404: Normally, I charge for this service Chapter 403: Spiritual Ability user teacher Chapter 402: They're all the members of the harem that you want to establish! Chapter 401: Everything was caused by the Midnight Spell! Chapter 400: Night of one hundred demons... Chapter 399: "Abnormal scene" Chapter 398: This is basically a terrorist attack! Chapter 397: The darkness was always present Chapter 396: New Year's Eve... power outage!? Chapter 395: Challenger's Blood Wine Chapter 394: I came here with sincerity Chapter 393: Approaching darkness Chapter 392: To you who's under the same sky Chapter 391: Please give me your autograph! Chapter 390: In order to escape the evil intentions of this world! Chapter 389: Something that shouldn’t be described between a beautiful teacher and her high school student… Chapter 388: Flashy Snow Chapter 387: I'm not a hero who's going to save the world! Chapter 386: I'm no veteran at wearing female clothing... Chapter 385: A pure coincidence? Chapter 384: The investigative report regarding Mr. Uehara Chapter 383: My adopted sister took my ero books! What should I do? Chapter 382: She wants to understand her Brother’s likes regarding fetishes… Chapter 381: This is just too realistic! Chapter 380: Gender is something meaningless! Chapter 379: Even I was moved despite the fact that I’m a girl as well Chapter 378: I'm Going to Bite You~ Chapter 377: I Want to Maintain My Connection to You Chapter 376: When I Want You To Chapter 375: Isn’t This… Too Daring? Chapter 374: Is This Bastard the Main Character of a Harem Manga!? Chapter 373: Observer Chapter 372: “A National Idol Is Together with Me…” Chapter 371: Welcome to the holy battle, newcomers Chapter 370: Can I Call You Seigo Senpai? Chapter 369: Could That Really Be the Truth? Chapter 368: "Hidden Character" Chapter 367: I Think That There Will Be Physiological Danger Chapter 366: Good Evening, Onii-Chan... Chapter 365: I Hope You Won't Feel That It's Sarcasm... Chapter 364: I Once Believed That I Was Talented Chapter 363: Come Be a Mangaka! Chapter 362: Is This Really Alright? Chapter 361: Sharp Demon Soldier Chapter 360: Could You Warm Me up with Your Body? Chapter 359: You Want to Be My Blanket!? Chapter 358: The “Young Woman and the High School Boy” Chapter 357: I've Seen Through You for What You Really Are! Chapter 356: She Just Has to Level up Twice! Chapter 355: Beautiful Widow Landlord... Chapter 354: Gift-Giving Card Chapter 353: Let's Go to the Doujinshi Convention Together! Chapter 352: I’m Delighted to Have Been of Use Chapter 351 Chapter 350 Chapter 349 Chapter 348 Chapter 347 Chapter 346 Chapter 345 Chapter 344 Chapter 343 Chapter 342 Chapter 341 Chapter 340 Chapter 339 Chapter 338 Chapter 337 Chapter 336 Chapter 335 Chapter 334 Chapter 333 Chapter 332 Chapter 331: "Demon King" Chapter 331 Chapter 330 Chapter 329 Chapter 328 Chapter 327: The "Water of Life" Chapter 327 Chapter 326 Chapter 325 Chapter 324 Chapter 323 Chapter 322 Chapter 321 Chapter 320 Chapter 319 Chapter 318 Chapter 317 Chapter 316 Chapter 315 Chapter 314 Chapter 313 Chapter 312 Chapter 311 Chapter 310 Chapter 309 Chapter 308 Chapter 307 Chapter 306 Chapter 305 Chapter 304 Chapter 303 Chapter 302 Chapter 301 Chapter 300 Chapter 299 Chapter 298 Chapter 297 Chapter 296 Chapter 295 Chapter 294 Chapter 293 Chapter 292 Chapter 291 Chapter 290 Chapter 289 Chapter 288 Chapter 287 Chapter 286 Chapter 285 Chapter 284 Chapter 283 Chapter 282 Chapter 281 Chapter 280 Chapter 279 Chapter 278 Chapter 277 Chapter 276 Chapter 275 Chapter 274 Chapter 273 Chapter 272 Chapter 271 Chapter 270 Chapter 269 Chapter 268 Chapter 267 Chapter 266 Chapter 265 Chapter 264 Chapter 263 Chapter 262 Chapter 261 Chapter 260 Chapter 259 Chapter 258 Chapter 257 Chapter 256 Chapter 255 Chapter 254 Chapter 253 Chapter 252 Chapter 251 Chapter 250 Chapter 249 Chapter 248 Chapter 247 Chapter 246 Chapter 245 Chapter 244 Chapter 243 Chapter 242 Chapter 241 Chapter 240 Chapter 239 Chapter 238 Chapter 237 Chapter 236 Chapter 235 Chapter 234 Chapter 233 Chapter 232 Chapter 231 Chapter 230 Chapter 229 Chapter 228 Chapter 227 Chapter 226 Chapter 225 Chapter 224 Chapter 223 Chapter 222 Chapter 221 Chapter 220 Chapter 219 Chapter 218 Chapter 217 Chapter 216 Chapter 216 Chapter 215 Chapter 214 Chapter 214 Chapter 213 Chapter 212 Chapter 211 Chapter 210 Chapter 209 Chapter 208 Chapter 207 Chapter 206 Chapter 205 Chapter 204 Chapter 203 Chapter 202 Chapter 201 Chapter 200 Chapter 199 Chapter 198 Chapter 197 Chapter 196 Chapter 195 Chapter 194 Chapter 193 Chapter 192 Chapter 191 Chapter 190 Chapter 189 Chapter 188 Chapter 187 Chapter 186: "Princess" Chapter 186 Chapter 185 Chapter 184 Chapter 183 Chapter 182 Chapter 181 Chapter 180 Chapter 179 Chapter 178 Chapter 177 Chapter 176 Chapter 175 Chapter 174 Chapter 173 Chapter 172 Chapter 171 Chapter 170 Chapter 169 Chapter 168 Chapter 167 Chapter 166 Chapter 165 Chapter 164 Chapter 163 Chapter 162 Chapter 161 Chapter 160 Chapter 159 Chapter 158 Chapter 157 Chapter 156 Chapter 155 Chapter 154 Chapter 153 Chapter 152 Chapter 151 Chapter 150 Chapter 149 Chapter 148 Chapter 147 Chapter 146 Chapter 145 Chapter 144 Chapter 143 Chapter 142 Chapter 141 Chapter 140 Chapter 139 Chapter 138 Chapter 137 Chapter 136 Chapter 135: "Divine Child" Chapter 135 Chapter 134 Chapter 133 Chapter 132 Chapter 131 Chapter 130 Chapter 129 Chapter 128 Chapter 127 Chapter 126 Chapter 125 Chapter 124 Chapter 123 Chapter 122 Chapter 121 Chapter 120 Chapter 119 Chapter 118 Chapter 117 Chapter 116 Chapter 115 Chapter 114 Chapter 113 Chapter 112 Chapter 111 Chapter 110 Chapter 109 Chapter 108 Chapter 107 Chapter 106 Chapter 105 Chapter 104 Chapter 103 Chapter 102 Chapter 101 Chapter 100 Chapter 99 Chapter 98 Chapter 97 Chapter 96 Chapter 95 Chapter 94 Chapter 93 Chapter 92 Chapter 91 Chapter 90 Chapter 89 Chapter 88 Chapter 88 Chapter 87 Chapter 86 Chapter 85 Chapter 84 Chapter 83 Chapter 82 Chapter 81 Chapter 80 Chapter 79 Chapter 78 Chapter 77 Chapter 76 Chapter 75 Chapter 74 Chapter 73 Chapter 72 Chapter 71 Chapter 70 Chapter 69 Chapter 68 Chapter 67 Chapter 66 Chapter 65 Chapter 64 Chapter 63 Chapter 61 Chapter 60 Chapter 59 Chapter 58 Chapter 57 Chapter 56 Chapter 55 Chapter 54 Chapter 53 Chapter 52 Chapter 51 Chapter 50 Chapter 49 Chapter 48 Chapter 47 Chapter 46 Chapter 45 Chapter 45 Chapter 44 Chapter 44 Chapter 43 Chapter 43 Chapter 42 Chapter 41 Chapter 40 Chapter 39 Chapter 38 Chapter 37 Chapter 36 Chapter 35 Chapter 34 Chapter 33 Chapter 32 Chapter 31 Chapter 30 Chapter 29 Chapter 28 Chapter 27 Chapter 26 Chapter 25 Chapter 24 Chapter 23 Chapter 22 Chapter 21 Chapter 20 Chapter 19 Chapter 18 Chapter 17 Chapter 16 Chapter 15 Chapter 14 Chapter 13 Chapter 12 Chapter 11 Chapter 10 Chapter 9 Chapter 8 Chapter 7 Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 1 681 You seemed just like a god 680 Cheers! 679 Are you having fun with me right now 678 Nice to see you again 677 You think you’re cool just because you have a transformation? 676 Get behind me!
A 30-year-old NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world is subtly different from Earth. The denizens of this world are far better looking, and this new world also possesses futuristic technology as well as mysterious Yin Yang masters! After reincarnating, he realized that he was endowed with a miraculous game-like system, which enables him to increase his own stats and transcend the limits of the human body. This system even has a game-breaking ability to save and load in real life! In this new world that’s akin to a 2-D game, he just wants enjoy life and head for a glorious future… However, he is quickly embroiled in a complex plot. Can he unlock his true potential and utilize his system to break the shackles that confine him and discover the truth about his previous body’s circumstances?
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