Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife

Other name: 豪门少奶奶:谢少的心尖宠妻
Genre: Romance
Author: Phoenix Essence Sweet, 凤元糖果
Translator: Webnovel
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 4,436
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Chapter 59: Miao Zifu's Fear Chapter 58: So You’ve Taken a Liking to a Wealthy Man Chapter 57: Yun Bixue Begins Her Wrath Chapter 56: Miao Zifu's Helplessness and Envy Chapter 55: The Meng Family's Guest, An Yexuan Chapter 54: This Time, Madam is Smart Chapter 53: The Top Socialite is Nothing More than That Chapter 52: Conflict Chapter 51: Shopping At The Supermarket Together Chapter 50: Just Like Consoling A Loved Child Chapter 49: Young Master Xie Saves The Situation Chapter 48: Yun Bixue's Rage Chapter 47: Rushing to the Yun family Chapter 46: Grandfather Suffers A Heart Attack Chapter 45: Su Lenghan And Meng Xinyan Chapter 44: Su Lenghan's Call Chapter 43: Wallowing In Grief Chapter 42: Taking Hold of the Shen Family's Documents Chapter 41: The Kindness after Getting Discharged Chapter 40: The Shen Family Behind Closed Doors Chapter 39: A Pretentious and Hypocritical Lady Chapter 38: Young Master Xie's Warmth Chapter 37: Young Master Xie Returns Chapter 36: Assassination Chapter 35: A Car Accident Chapter 34: You Must be on Guard for Your Safety Chapter 33: Old Lady Shen's Treacherous Plot Part II Chapter 32: Old Lady Shen's Treacherous Plot Part I Chapter 31: Old Madam Wants to Meet Her Chapter 30: Bidding the Past Self Goodbye Chapter 29: Meeting An Yexuan Again Chapter 28: Fighting Back Miao Zifu Chapter 27: Yun Family's Ancestral Home Chapter 26: The Beginning of Dealing with Scum Chapter 25: Grandfather Wakes Up Chapter 24: The Night's Kiss Chapter 23: No Need to Thank Me in the Future Chapter 22: Young Master Xie's Culinary Skill Chapter 21: Cohabitation Chapter 20: Grandfather's Surgery by Top ‘Gold-Medal’ Doctor Chapter 19: Shunning the Heart-breaker Chapter 18: Su Lenghan's Suspicion Toward the Newspaper Chapter 17: Enjoying Spicy Hotpot with Young Master Xie Chapter 16: Cherishing the Warmth Chapter 15: Wedding Certificate Collection Chapter 14: Good Things are Coming Chapter 13: Do You Dare to Marry Me? Chapter 12: The Overwhelming News Chapter 11: Her Moment of Weakness Chapter 10: The Aggressiveness of the Reporters Chapter 9: Young Master Xie's Rescue and His Gentleness Chapter 8: Drunk and Escorted to His Bed Chapter 7: The Heart Has Grown Cold When They Meet Again Chapter 6: Three Day Limit Chapter 5: Yun Family's Unbearable Old Lady Chapter 4: An Yexuan's Conditions Chapter 3: Young Master Xie's Helping Hand Chapter 2: Falling Injury Chapter 1: Dressed Up
Yun Bixue is in dire straits— Her fiancé has abandoned her for the country’s top socialite. Worst of all, her family has been declared bankrupt, and the media has forced her into desperation. In her desolation, she seeks help from the powerful Young Master Xie, and gains strength through her marriage with him during her lowest period. From that day onwards, she eggs herself to grow stronger to become the best wife for her husband. This novel is a sweet, sugary book. There are no heart-wrenching scenes or misunderstandings. Sugary Scene Yun Bixue: “Limo, aren’t you going to ask who I met today?” Xie Limo: “It doesn’t matter who you met. What matters is that you’re here by my side now.” Yun Bixue “Limo, let’s make a pinky promise. In the future, I will trust you, and you will trust me too. We will not allow external factors to affect our home, and we’ll be just like the saying ‘if you do not abandon me, I will always be at your side until the end of my life’.” Xie Limo met Yun Bixue’s determined gaze and without thinking, he reached out his finger and sealed the promise before intertwining their fingers together.
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