The Mech Touch

Other name: No other name
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi
Author: Exlor
Translator: Unknown
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 0
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Chapter 131: Pre Production Chapter 130: Mark II Chapter 129: Architecture Chapter 128: Two Layers Chapter 127: Permit Chapter 126: Level Up Chapter 125: Massive Spending Chapter 124: Streamer Chapter 123: Publicity Chapter 122: Interview Chapter 121: Vibrant Chapter 120: Iterating Chapter 119: Hoplite Chapter 118: First Employee Chapter 117: Back In Business Chapter 116: Distance Chapter 115: Astral Wolves Chapter 114: Pursuit Chapter 113: Discoveries Chapter 112: Treasure Hunt Chapter 111: Exploration Chapter 110: Cramming Session Chapter 109: Making Plans Chapter 108: Clifford Society Chapter 107: Injection Chapter 106: Advancement Chapter 105: Meeting Chapter 104: Fire In Your Veins Chapter 103: Only Six Chapter 102: Cutting Edge Chapter 101: Executioner Chapter 100: Finals Chapter 99: Lift Up Your Sword Chapter 98: Fourth Duel Chapter 97: Worn Down Chapter 96: Need A Light? Chapter 95: Second Round Chapter 94: Score Chapter 93: Abnormal Mechs Chapter 92: Double Trouble Chapter 91: Minor Breakthrough Chapter 90: Talents Chapter 89: Steed Chapter 88: Spectacle Chapter 87: Banquet Chapter 86: Carrying Chapter 85: 'Teamwork' Chapter 84: Gene Boosts Chapter 83: Unconventional Chapter 82: Transparent Duel Chapter 81: Culling Chapter 80: The Masters Chapter 79: Student Life Chapter 78: Walker Chapter 77: Disembark Chapter 76: Killer Chapter 75: Pirates Chapter 74: Another Upgrade Chapter 73: Underway Chapter 72: Awkward Chapter 71: Departure Chapter 70: Hasty Exit Chapter 69: The incident Chapter 68: Harrier Chapter 67: Bodyguard Chapter 66: Novice Chapter 65: Vincent Chapter 64: Second Mech Chapter 63: Nether Regions Chapter 62: Leviticus Chapter 61: Design Studio Chapter 60: Capricious Chapter 59: Package Chapter 58: Profligate Chapter 57: Ominous Warnings Chapter 56: Streak of Red Chapter 55: Protection Chapter 54: Going Out Chapter 53: Test Pilot III Chapter 52: Test Pilot II Chapter 51: Test Pilot I Chapter 50: Hunter Chapter 49: Modular Armor Chapter 48: 2-star Designs Chapter 47: March of Progress Chapter 46: New Perspective Chapter 45: Mech Trade Association Chapter 44: Birth of a Mech Chapter 43: Miss me, System? Chapter 42: Broker Chapter 41: Sale Chapter 40: Finals Chapter 39: Luck or Skill Chapter 38: Tough Chapter 37: Kirby Chapter 36: Fusion Cup Chapter 35: Main Stage Chapter 34: Arm and Leg Chapter 33: Performance Chapter 32: Gauntlet Chapter 31: Drake Chapter 30: Qualifiers Chapter 29: Bentheim Chapter 28: Preparation Chapter 27: Absolute Power Chapter 26: Objective Chapter 25: Wartorn Instance Chapter 24: Melinda Chapter 23: Sell Chapter 22: Craftsman's Pride Chapter 21: Cladding Chapter 20: Armor Chapter 19: Reborn Chapter 18: Life Chapter 17: Capture the Flag Chapter 16: Pieces of the Puzzle Chapter 15: Father Chapter 14: Fiddling Chapter 13: First Build Chapter 12: Duo Queue Chapter 11: Cash Woes Chapter 10: White Elephant Chapter 9: Psst. Wanna buy a mech? Chapter 8: Visitor Chapter 7: Queen of the Skies Chapter 6: Taking Flight Chapter 5: Investment Chapter 4: Behold My Ultimate Move! Chapter 3: First Design Chapter 2: Mech Designer System Chapter 1: Age of Mechs
The Age of Mechs has arrived! Unfortunately, Ves Larkinson lacked the genetic aptitude to become a famed mech pilot. Fighting against his fate, he studied mech design in order to express his love for mechs in a different way and make his father proud.  When Ves graduated from college, he returned to a new but empty boutique. His dad had disappeared. Left with a small, newly founded mech workshop that his father painstakingly built with a mountain of debt, Ves somehow needs to make ends meet with the bank breathing down his neck.  Then he found salvation from another legacy his father had left.  "Welcome to the Mech Designer System. Please design your new mech."
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