You Look Like You're Made of Money

Other name: 你看起来很有钱
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Author: 林绵绵
Translator: Isohungry Translations
Date Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Views: 9
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She gnashed her teeth as she faced the abuse from the Imperial concubines in the Imperial harem, forced to endure many calamities. After travelling through time, Su Yan thought that that ** little bi*ch was right: good people don’t live long and misfortune lasts for a thousand years. But no matter whichever era she was in, she would tightly grasp the thickest golden thigh and never let go. Looking at it now, it seems that her husband had the thickest thigh. Till now only modern people were transmigrating back but what happens when an Imperial Concubine transmigrates into modern time? What happens when modern and ancient values clash? Hilarity, action and seduction ensues.
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