A Cat with a Red Envelope Group Chapter 6 part3

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Chapter 6 - Part 3

A get-together party

        Qiao Lingfeng is not resigned: "I don't believe that he won't come out. For the sake of this blind date, my agent and I organized it overnight, and transfered all my friends' cats that can be transfered."

  Chen Yu also nodded: "He's probably a bit nervous, wait a moment."

  In order to make Xu MaoMao leave his nest, they tried their best and used every method. They also took out a lot of toys, even the cat's favorite Mou Mou brand canned salmon and chicken, which is known as the Hermes in cat canned food.

  Xu MaoMao got a whiff of the meat, he hooked his hind paws to the cabinet's leg, probed his head out, and licked the canned meat in front of him.

  Upon seeing this, Qiao Lingfeng quietly moved it away and said while grinning: "Do you want it? If you want it then come out."

  Xu MaoMao took one look at him and retracted back into his shell.

  Qiao Lingfeng stared in astonishment: "He's very smart!"

  By noon, all the cats were hungry and their owners asked to bring them home when they saw the blind date not working out. Qiao Lingfeng can only let them go with kind words and even gifted toys to them.

  Chen Yu: "Oscar, it's time to come out."

  Xu MaoMao vigilantly stuck his head out. He saw there were still a few cats in the room and shrank back inside.

  Qiao Lingfeng: "Hey hey, they're my cats, all of them are eunuchs, don't be scared!"

  Those cats lie in their nest with elegant indifference, completely motionless, only letting out a few sounds.

  Xu MaoMao noticed that there were no bells on their necks, like those twenty plus cats just now. Although he can roughly understand their meows, it's kind of difficult, and it's also not because of his own fault. It seems that these cats are more ignorant and have trouble expressing.

  When the safety was confirmed, Xu MaoMao crawled out wearily from underneath. He was so hungry and tired, but still had to be vigilant at all times. It was not easy to be a reserved male cat.

  Qiao Lingfeng caressed him several times, only when he heard the love value being added non-stop did Xu MaoMao finally recovered a bit of spirit and softly meowed once.

  The point is your love value.

  Just as he was grateful to Qiao Lingfeng's overflowing generosity, he heard him turn to Chen Yu and said: "It’s a failure today, but even if it isn't estrus, he will still have estrus in the future, how about you quickly take Oscar to remove his balls." ”

  Xu MaoMao was shocked: "Meow!"

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