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A Round Trip To Love

Author: Lan Lin.Rules:-1.Don't mind my grammar.2.No need thanks..:) ( i will usually ignore..XD)3.Enjoy reading

Vol 1 Chapter 10

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    Lu Feng said "Once you clear out your mind then you come and find me."

    Xiao Chen still confused, hence he never go and find Lu Feng. He is not tried to escape. You guys have to believe him.

    The efficiency and the quality of doing exercise had a disastrous dropped , yesterday Xiao Chen wronged five questions in the English Reading Test when he used to get full mark. He got too shocked, driven to distraction, he sat down and reviewed himself which section got problem that lead to the standard to be dropped. Lacked of sleep affect the brain? Depressing disorder leading judgment not that good? Or is it the air pollution had affect brain lacked of oxygen?

    All these are not related to Lu Feng, totally not.

    Lu Feng , you are back!" someone shouted at him at the outside of corridor.

    Xiao Chen struck dumb, looked everywhere to find a place to hide. Wardrobe? Box? Or maybe drawer?

    Xiao Chen who is being in a panic button, foolishly thinking , the door is opened. He immediately sat down and pretend doing his homework.

    "Xiao Chen, I am back" Lu Feng sounded quite pleasant.

    "Oh. Okay" Xiao Chen bowed down, busy doddle on a piece of paper, to showed how busy he is.

    Lu Feng said "You busy doing your homework?"

    "Oh, yes."

    "Then I don't want to disturb you."

    "Oh, okay." Xiao Chen secretly sighed for relief.

    "Xiao Chen, your book is upside down."

    "Huh?" Xiao Chen then quickly reversed his textbook. Then he take a closer look. EH? Where got upside down just now?!

    Lu Feng smile disappeared , he put down his bag , sit on his bed "You come here."

    Xiao Chen bite his lips, dragged himself to Lu Feng.

    Lu Feng said "sit down."

    One order from Lu Feng and Xiao Chen also sit down

    Lu Feng put his hand on Xiao Chen's shoulder, that make Xiao Chen taken aback while shrink his neck.

    "Are you afraid of me?"

    Xiao Chen was scared but still heavily shook his head.

    Lu Feng frowned, grabbed Xiao Chen and turn him to face himself "Come, look at me. I ask you few question, you just have to answer yes or no then can already."

    Xiao Chen just straight stared at him, doesn't even dare to move.

    "That day the stuff, do you feel disgusting?"

    Xiao Chen shook his head.

    "Together with me, is it very happy?"

    Xiao Chen nodded.

    "I got girlfriend, will you happy?

    Xiao Chen shook his head.

    "I got hurt, are you really that worried?"

    Xiao Chen nodded.

    "Love to be with me, is it right?"

    Xiao Chen nodded.

    "Is it really love to be with me?"

    Xiao Chen nodded.

    Lu Feng showed a very satisfied expression, then he softly said "Then, kissing with me, is it very comfortable?"

    Xiao Chen's blushed but he stiff at there.

    "Speak the truth."

    It took quite a long time , Xiao Chen lower his head.

    "If is like this .. Mean you also like me, correct?"

    Struggle for a long time, Xiao Chen finally nodded his head.

    "Then it is good enough."

    "Lu Feng." Xiao Chen tried to said "I am a man."

    "Bullshit, whoever also can see you are a man."

    "Man and man...It is .. very abnormal."

    "So you are saying , I am abnormal?"

    "No..Not.." Xiao Chen's tongue twisted. "You are great.. But we both are man..."

    "No such nonsense." Lu Feng impatiently squeezed Xiao Chen's chin. "We both are loving together, as long together ain't it very good, no need care about other."

    "Who, who want to be loving with you ah." I beg you , don't ever simply put a weird conclusion, can or not.

    Lu Feng bluntly looked down for Xiao Chen's lips.


    Lu Feng's moved to his ear and whispered. "I am just liking you, what is the wrong about it."

    Well, it wasn't really wrong. Hence , Xiao Chen never pushed him away.

    The End

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