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Chapter 34.2 Doubtful Red Mark

Lu BaoYan came out after a while. He was wearing a suit with a long piece of cloth around his neck, resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat. A white pocket square was added to the left pocket of his suit, making his whole appearance looking slender and graceful. There was a natural gentleman’s breath between his each and every move.

This man, he looked like a elegant elite when he was working. When attending a social occasion, he looked like a nobleman who was born to live like a prince. Which side of him is more charming, No matter which side of him is more charming, it is no wonder that so many women are crazy about him.

Bad person! Evildoer!

The evildoer suddenly came over and took Su JianAn’s hand and took her down the stairs.

Su JianAn struggled twice at first. Lu BaoYan was unmoved. Sure enough, she saw Tang YuLan downstairs and she immediately settled down and behaved like a meek kitten.

Tang YuLan saw the the couple holding hands and smiled very “The car is waiting outside, let’s go.”

There were two cars parked outside, each for Lu BaoYan and Tang YuLan. Su JianAn thought about it. She loosened her hand from Lu BaoYan’s grip and ran towards Tang YuLan.

“Mom, I’ll go with your car.”

“What’s wrong?” Tang YuLan was afraid that there is something happen between the two, her eyes were full of worries.

“Mom, it’s nothing. She just wants to chat with you. ” Lu BaoYan came over and looked at Su JianAn with a stern look. “Let’s take your car together.”

Tang YuLan smiled and pulled Su JianAn’s hand “Then we sit in the back seat. Bao Yan, are you driving?”


Lu BaoYan took the car key handed by the driver and sat in the driver’s seat. Su JianAn looked at him, feeling regret – Why is it so hard to get rid of this guy?

Their destination was a little far away from their villa’s area. Lu BaoYan concentrated on driving, Tang YuLan and Su JianAn in the back seat reminisced about things that happened fourteen years ago.

Fourteen years ago, the 10-year-old Su JianAn and the Su JianAn now had a very different personality. Tang YuLan said that at that time, she was like a small follower who was stalking her Lu BaoYan's ge.

Su JianAn face turned red after hearing that.

I shouldn’t go around following Lu BaoYan 14 years ago. I should act like a cold goddess instead! Why was I like that?

“When you were a child, the word ‘Bao Yan gege‘ have never left your mouth.” Tang YuLan remembered the tender voice of her during childhood. “It really makes me feel soft.”

“I…” Su JianAn swears, “I have forgotten…”

In fact, how could I forget?!

At that time, she was always  sweetly called BaoYan ‘Bo Yan gege’. Like the honey in these four words, the whole world would turned soft, but Lu BaoYan would always ignored her and would scare her away.

At that time, she felt that Lu BaoYan must hate her very much. When she shed her tears, he would turned away from her, and when he turned back, there would be a lollipop in his hand. She would immediately broke into laughter and called him ‘Bao Yan gege‘.

At that time she was so… clueless.

But not long after that, Tang YuLan went to the United States with Lu BaoYan.And since then, she never saw him again, and never had such a delicious lollipop anymore.

She was sad after all and Su Yicheng knew that she was reluctant to be parted with Lu BaoYan. She would looked at Su Yicheng with tears in her eyes “Gege, I want to eat a lollipop, the one that Bao Yan gege always gave me.”

Su Yicheng would laughed at her pleading eyes, but still asked his friend to bring her a big box of lollipop from abroad. It was obviously the same brand of lollipop, were made with the same proportion of ingredients, the same packaging was sent to her, but she just felt the taste was wrong.

She ate a lot, but she could no longer find the kind of taste that Lu BaoYan gave to her.

Thinking about the past makes Su JianAn left out a heavy sighed, Tang YuLan thought she regretted about the past, so she comforted her “It’s okay, forget about the past. You two still have your future ahead of you.”

Su JianAn smiled.

Mom, there’s no future for both of us,

Lu BaoYan saw Su JianAn’s smile through the rear view mirror. With only one look, he knew what she was thinking.


* * *

They arrived at the auction venue at seven o’clock. Tang YuLan arranged Lu BaoYan to check the auction items and she brought Su JianAn to the door to receive the guests.

Anyone in the circle would have known Su JianAn. After the incident in the past, Su JianAn has became more widely known in the circle. Tang YuLan had already released the news that Su JianAn would attend the party, and some ladies who were familiar with her mother were so happy to see her.

“Jian An, I haven’t seen you for a few years. You have grown into a beautiful girl even marrying the dream lover of the city’s famous ladies. Your mother can feel at ease. In these years, we all miss your mother.”

It may be true that they missed her mother, but what deliberately came to see her, Su JianAn chose to laugh.

But if she was not married to Lu BaoYan, will they still come to see her?

Tang YuLan was afraid that Su JianAn will be sad as she remembered about her mother, so she called Lu BaoYan to take Su JianAn away.

Lu BaoYan noticed that his little monster’s mood was off so he whispered, “What happened?”

Su JianAn shook her head, and when he had no time to say anything, he heard a familiar voice from behind


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