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Translator: lilcupcakez

Startled at the Racetracks [8]

She had seen those Mongol people before. They were all strong men who were able to urge the horses on rapidly and shoot arrows out at the same times. They were like Guo Jing who was confident, pleased, and at ease. However, when it came over to her side, she had to endure some sufferings!

“You do not need to worry about yourself. Just steadily step on the horse saddle then steadily hold onto the reins and pull the bow!” Feng Lian Yi’s voice was behind, not too close or too far.

Huang Bei Yue bit her lips and let out all the strength in her body. Finally, she was able to pull the bow halfway. The horse had shook her and the arrow had accidentally shot out!

Feng Lian Yi’s body flashed over suddenly and smiled bitterly: “You hate me but you don’t need to set your hands on me that quickly!”

“Humph!” Huang Bei Yue coldly humphed and restarted at pulling the bow.

Two people, two horses. The black handsome horse, the plain colored clothes, was as though an inked animation in the forest which had flashed over, including the right amount of dynamism and the harmonious feeling!


From time to time, there was the sound of arrows shooting which was mixed with a man’s deep and elegant voice in which he instructs the girl.

The sound of the horse hooves, were sometimes close and sometimes far. Not after a while, there was gradually a regular pattern. Each time, it was filled with more strength, the bowstring pulled open as though a round moon, cold and with power!

Feng Lian Yi urged the horse on behind her and his eyes contained more and more of a sense of admiration.

She was too smart. She just needed to instructed once and she will definitely not make a mistake. Her memory was shocking and her explosion power was equivalently surprising.

When she first got the bow and arrows, she was only able to pull it out to a half moon. But now slowly, she was able to pull it out to a full moon!

The accuracy in which the arrows were shot out was slowly improving as well. It could be said that she was a genius at riding and shooting!

What Feng Lian Yi didn’t know was that although Huang Bei Yue was not familiar with riding horses and shooting arrows, however when she was at the 21st century, her marksmanship was considerately precise. She had shot those targets moving at quick speeds. Even though she wasn’t able to be like the code name ‘n’ and shoot it 100% accurately, but it was rare that she had missed!

In the start, when she just touched the bow, she indeed had not understood what to do with it. However, slowly, she had incorporated the tricks of marksmanship into there and then she gradually found the method.

As long as she can steady the horse, she will have the ability to shoot the arrows!

It could be seen that the sun was able to set. At this time, it was almost time for Ling Yang College to be finished as well. Huang Bei Yue pulled on the reins to stop the horse and used her sleeves to wipe off the sweat on her face. She turned around to say to Feng Lian Yi who slowly came over: “Thank you.”

“You don’t need to be that formal.” When he heard her open her mouth to thank him, the emotions were still true and genuine. Feng Lian Yi’s smile slowly turned bigger.

However Huang Bei Yue had coldly replied: “I need to be more formal. After all, we don’t know each other that well.”

“Okay.” Feng Lian Yi helpless uttered. “The following day is the skills competition. I wish you luck and to defeat Lin Wang Yi, becoming famous with this one battle.”

“Defeating her, is not to become famous after this battle.”

“Really?” Seeing that she didn’t want to speak anymore, Feng Lian Yi tactfully knew not to ask more.

He urged the horse on and slowly walked over to her side, riding the horse next to her. The wind within the forest blew at each of their clothes and hair. He was gentle and elegant but at the same time mischievous and handsome. In this green forest, he was like a devil and at the same time a demon.

Compared between the two, Huang Bei Yue who had an indifferent icily arrogant imposing manner was as though a bird who had coincidentally flew through in the forest. She was elegant but cold as though a god.

“Once the skills competition is over, all the masters in the Imperial College who are on grade four or above, will be able to go with the professors of the Ling Yang College to the surroundings of the Floating Forest to learn through experience. If you are able to defeat Lin Wan Yi, then you can jump all the way to a grade four master. When the time comes, you are probably going to become the first master who has the permission to go into the Floating Forest within the Imperial College’s history.”

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