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Chapter 393 “Something’s Wrong (2)”

“Okay, then all of you take your time.” Turning back to the other members of the family, the old grandpa makes a timely cough to dismiss them all, “Come on now, let’s not disturb them while they work. It’s getting late anyways so turn in for the night.”

In a matter of seconds, the entire treasury hall was emptied with only four people remaining.

“Yan Yan, you see,” nervously rubbing his hands, Qiu Shu Rong (Third Elder) carefully asks, “I’ve already succeeded in refining….”

But before the Third Elder could finish that sentence, Bai Yan had already taken out a formula sheet from her pocket to toss it over.

“I have written the details of the refining method in there as well as the parts that require extra attention. In order to avoid having you three blow up the place again, I will lend you my cauldron first while you practice.”

“Move aside, the formula is mine. I’m first!” The Second Elder greedily declares.

Naturally this annoyed his younger brother who just got his new toy taken away from him: “Why do I have to give it to you first? Who the heck are you?”

“I am the second child so that means I get to be on top of you. Besides, your strength is the worst among us. Once I learn this new formula then you can have a shot at it. Oh yes, didn’t you hold a fancy for the Sixth Elder’s widowed sister? Go play with her for now and not come bother me.” Ren Yi (Second Elder) righteously says this.

“Ahumph,” it was then Zheng Qi (First Elder) cuts in with a cough, his voice stern and serious, “My age is the biggest of us all. Reasonably speaking, it should be I who…”

“Scram!” But before the First Elder could even finish that sentence, the other two brothers had already shot him down with their own glare.

Seeing how the three elders are about to get into a big fight over her little sheet of paper, Bai Yan can only say she’s too embarrassed to even let others know about this: “Couldn’t you just copy that into three?”

Her voice may be soft and quiet but it was more than enough to knock some senses back into the trio.

That’s right… How could we have forgotten something so crucial?

Now we’ve really thrown our old faces away in front of Yan Yan’s presence….

“This…” Still red in his face due to embarrassment, Zheng Qi’s (First Elder) wanted to say something to smooth out the awkwardness. Sadly, nothing could come to mind.

“Like usual, once you’ve memorized the formula then burn it. Remember, if it gets leaked into the public then don’t think about getting another one from my hands again.”

Straightening their backs immediately at that reminder, the trio promptly turned serious like soldiers ready for combat.

“You can rest assured Yan Yan, we won’t ever let the formula leak into the public. Even if the Lord (Sect leader) wants to know, we won’t tell him.”


The night was deep and the sky was quiet.

“Say it, what is your reasoning in seeking me this late into the night? And did you carry out the orders I gave you?” Di Cang calmly asks, apparently effected by the peacefulness of the night.

“King, your subordinate I have already informed the State Teacher of your will, but…. this time it’s for another matter that I am here.”

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“What is it?” The man’s tone suddenly turned cold after hearing it’s of another matter.

“Inside the Abyss, what’s the strongest demon beast in there?”

“My king, it’s the Monarch Rank.” Fire Plume (the fire bird) answers honestly, afraid his words might infuriate his king.

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