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10 8 / 2018

Chapter 2  I Picked It Up (Malik’s POV)

This is the story from Malik’s POV.

Today, I left the guild in my subordinate’s hand and went to the lake in the forest near Pedrell City to fish. I put my fishing rod, lure and my favorite sword inside my magic bag (the flow of time in this bag is different, the things that put inside won’t rot or age).

Now that I think about it..

I rarely go fishing, but for some reason I feel like going fishing today.

When I reached the lake, suddenly I feel the presence of other people here.

In the past, I used to be a decent adventure so I’m pretty good at detecting people’s presence.

I looked behind me to make sure I’m not being followed.


And then I saw, a boy with silky smooth black hair was murmuring something to himself as he scooped the water from the lake and drank it.

I cannot see his face because he was facing the other way but his outfit was strange, I never saw that kind of outfit around here.

In Alsar, black hair is really rare, if there’s a person with black hair I surely would’ve noticed.

Perhaps he’s a traveler?

He seemed to be alone, I think it’d be hard for him to travel by himself with such lithe body.

Maybe he’s a magician?

I was curious so I called out to him.

“Huh? Someone’s here?”

Now I can let my presence out and approach him.

The boy then turned around when he heard my voice. He looked very beautiful.

His shoulder length black hair looked amazingly delicate.

His big slightly upturned eyes.

His slightly pink tinted cheek.

His small lips that was slightly wet with water was really enticing.

I’ve lived for 47 years and have seen lots of beautiful people but he was one of the most beautiful person I’ve ever see.

With that alluring face, he looked at me and tilted his head.

I was mesmerized.


“It’s okay, I’m not a suspicious person,boy. My name is Malik. Malik Cleva. I’m the guild master from the adventure guild in Pedrell.”

Of course the boy would’ve feel bothered, I was blatantly staring at him.

I didn’t want him to feel scared so I introduced myself to him quickly.

“A-ah.. My name is Himukai Ren. May I ask where is this exactly? Pedrell ? Where is that?”


Himukya? Ren?

I couldn’t catch his name properly.

And he didn’t know about the adventure guild?

Was he a sheltered noble man?

But to even didn’t know about Pedrell City…

This lake is really close to Pedrell City, the next closest city would be the Imperial City but it’d take 3 days by foot to reach it and 1 day with horse.

“Himukya? Umm Himukya, right now we’re in a forest by the Pedrell City.”

“Please call me Ren, Malik-san. Actually I was sleeping in my house but when I woke up suddenly I ended up here?”

I guess because I couldn’t pronounce his name correctly he told me to just call him Ren.

And he told me he didn’t know how did he get here. When he woke up, he suddenly was already here.

Maybe this is fate?

It’d be nice if we were fated together..

“I don’t quite understand but I guess you’re lost, huh? Anyway are you hungry, Ren?”

“A lost child? I guess I am. Thank you for the offer! Though, is your house close? Actually I really need to pee right now, is it okay if you wait a little while I go do my business first?”

It looked like it was very embarrassing for him to say it because his face was really red!

He looked like a small animal, so adorable!

“Well it’s a little far. You can go pee first, I will wait for you here.”

I will sit down on this rock. I always sit on this rock when I’m fishing.

I was planning to fish today but I guess I need to postpone it today.

Right now, Ren is my priority.

“Thank you for waiting, Malik-san”

“Ah. Don’t worry about it. Come on, let’s walk. We have so much to talk about.”

I restrain myself so I could walk in the same pace as Ren. He didn’t look like someone who is used to walk in a forest.

He was barefooted too.

But it’s normal I guess, to not wear shoes when you went to sleep. Afterall he did say he was suddenly transported here.

He seemed to have a hard time walking, even though I tried to restrain myself, I guess the difference in our size was simply too great.

I’m afraid he would be full of scratches by the time we arrived at my home.

As we walk to Pedrell, I’ve finally understood that Ren is from the other world.

He told me he was from Japan. (I think I’ve heard another other worlder said they were from Japan as well.)

What surprised him the most was about the fact we use swords and magic though.

But still, his eyes.. Now that I look at it properly, his eyes was so black! Not even a hint of grey, his eyes was totally black like an onyx!

There’s no one in Alsar that has such jet black eyes like Ren.

And it seemed like Ren is speaking in Japanese, the language from his original world. But to me, I hear Ren speaking in Alsar’s language.

Well I don’t really get it but it’s a good thing that we can communicate properly.

Ren was surprised with my age as well, he thought I was waaaay younger than I’m actually am.

Me on the other side, was equally surprised that Ren is actually 21 years old ! The legal age in Arsal is 18 years old. To be honest, Ren doesn’t look like 18 at all, he looked like maybe 15 years old at most.

It seems like all other worlder looks younger than they actually are and 175cm is considered as tall in the other world.

The average height in the other world is really short, huh.

Ren was shocked when I told him I was slightly below average in Alsar even though I’m 198cm tall.

The average height for male in Alsar is 2m, compared to that the 170cm Ren doesn’t look like an adult at all.

We talked about a lot of things that I didn’t realize we finally reached Pedrell City. I held Ren’s hand gently as we walked to the gatekeeper.

“Malik-san who’s that child? He’s soooo cute, introduce him to me please !”

“Nope, no way!”

Even though the gatekeeper was curious about Ren, he let it slide since I as the guild master have high authority in Pedrell.

“My house is not that far anymore, stick close to me so you won’t get lose. Okay, Ren?”

Ren looked at the city in confusion, I guess he got overwhelmed. He didn’t reply me but I didn’t mind it. We started to walk into the direction of my house.

I feel like a father protecting my son from bunch of wolves.

We’re apart by 26 years afterall.

Back when I were young, I used to play around and never got attached to anyone. Isn’t strange if I were to suddenly come into the town with a son in tow?

“Sorry, I haven’t prepared anything since I didn’t plan on receiving guest today. Please take a seat anywhere you want while I make some tea for you.”

“Ah thank you. Please don’t bother yourself with me.”

He’s really a well mannered and nice kid.

While he sat, he tried his best to looked around secretly, so cute!

Really, anyone seeing this wouldn’t have guessed he’s already 21 years old. He looks so adorable!

I put the mug filled with steaming tea in front of him, but he didn’t take it. I heard this is what people from the other world drink, but maybe I was wrong? Did he hates tea?

He felt me staring at him, after a few moment he finally lifted the mug with both of his hands and blew at the tea to cool it.

“Ah! It IS tea! Delicious!”

“I’m glad you like it. Actually this ‘tea’ was brought by an other worlder too, like you. People will feel more at ease if they experience something familiar to them, right? I hope it will calm your nerves.”

“Ah.. yes..”

I’m glad he liked it.

I guess the drink in Alsar suit his taste perfectly.

Next, I should try to give him some food to see whether it suit his taste or not.

It’d be really bad if he hated the food here.. He would’ve feel depressed if he keeps eating the food he doesn’t like.

Though, I feel really relieved seeing Ren gulped the tea enthusiastically.

Now that he has calmed down, I tried to talk to him about other worlder again.

“Ren, the thing that I told you before, about other worlder, do you understand it now?”

“Umm, when I first heard it I’m feel skeptical afterall to me, you seem to be speaking in Japanese. I thought I might be dreaming but the urge to take a pee, the thirst, the tiredness after walking, everything is real. After seeing the city, it finally sinked in. I guess I am in other world now.”

Wow, it’s amazing that despite being faced into unknown world he can assess the situation calmly. He’s good at adapting in any situations.

“It’s okay to take everything slowly. I’ve met a couple of other worlder that hurt themselves because they were confused and overwhelmed when they first came to Alsar.”

“I am confused but I have no other choice but to give up and just accept it, right? I’m really blessed to be able to meet Malik-san from the start, thanks to you explaining things to me, I can let the reality sink in.”

He said that while smiling so sweetly with a blush on his cheek.

“Ah well, you’re actually my type, of course I would be willing to help.”

Though he’s too young to be my mate (T/N : I guess the mate here is like in that ABO thing? Like mate as in lover?)

“Pardon? What did you say?”

“Nothing! Don’t mind it! Anyway, you’re welcome to stay here while you get used to your new life. I live alone anyway and I have lots of empty room for you.”

“Eeeeh? To trouble you anymore than this.. I will look for work that provides a live-in space for their employee, please I would feel bad if I were to intrude on you.”

Wow, he’s very high spirited.

But it’s dangerous to live by himself in an unknown world.

What if he was attacked by bad people? Or get mugged?

“You really are very high spirited huh. Well there’s an unspoken rule that the first person that found an other worlder are required to take care of the other worlder until they settle down. After all it’s not everyday you find an other worlder. So don’t mind it.”

In the first place, no matter which country, the first person that found an other worlder are required to take care of the other worlder until they settled in.

But that way, if the first person that found them is an evil person and tricked the other worlder.. They can go to the government office to report it.

There are some cases where people tried to commit fraud and said they were an other worlder even though they are not but there’s various way to confirm whether they are the genuine deal or not.

The process is rather tedious so the fraudster often got caught.

“And the people from the other world is much much smaller than the people in Alsar. Ren you look like at most 15 or maybe even 6 years old but you look really seductive! Even though you look like a child, you’re bound to get in trouble somehow. That’s why, it’s okay for you to stay here until you settle in.”

No good.

Even though he looks like a 15 years old, but the way he talks is so mature.

Well that is given because he’s actually 21 years old.

But still, to talk like an adult despite looking like a child.. The gap moe is too unbearable! So sexy! (T/N: google ‘gap moe’ guys :D )

“Se-seductive? I don’t really understand but if there’s such unspoken rule like that, for now I will be in your care.”

Thus, it was decided that Ren the other worlder will stay with me for now.


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