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Chapter 32 : Fi-Fiancee?!

T/N: So I’ve decided to move to wordpress instead because.. the UI is easier than dreamwidth.. I’m sorry for my indecisiveness!


Ren's POV

"Nngh.. Where.."

I opened my eyes to see that I'd been laying on a bed.

Hm? When did I get in a bed?

"We subjugated a dragon.. Then.. Chris-san carried me in his arms.. Am I sleeping in the inn..?"

Even though I told them to wake me up when we arrived at the village..

In the end they brought me to the inn while I was asleep.

I didn't know how long have I been sleeping, I looked into the windows to saw a huge downpour outside.

"What time is it..? Where's everyone..?"

I looked around the room, there was 4 beds in here.

Ah, right.

Sig-san did say he wanted the four of us to sleep in the same room together..

But I couldn't find any of them anywhere..

I grabbed my magic bag that had been laid on top the bedside table and took my pocket watch out.

It was 7 p.m.

If I wasn't wrong, we started to return to the inn at 11 a.m.

From there, we need to walk for about 20-30 minutes.

So we should've arrived at the village at.. 12 p.m. at most.

So.. I had been sleeping for 7 hours straight.

I had a good sleep.

I stretched myself a little before I got up from bed and looked into the window.

The rain was so heavy that I couldn't even see the outside scenery clearly.

Good thing it didn't rain when we were doing the subjugation quest.

"What a huge downpour.. We've defeated the dragon but there was still casualties between the adventurer.. Their family must be grieving in sorrow now.."

Three people had been killed by the dragon.

Some of the adventurer also sustained considerable injury, I even saw one of them lost an arm because of the attack.

I wonder whether they managed to get back to the village safely?

I will ask someone about it later.

*knock knock*

"Ren, are you awake? I'm coming in."

Sig-san knocked on the door and came into the room.

When we were subjugating, Sig-san wore a breastplate over his chest but now he already took his armor off and wore casual clothes instead.

Ah, how envious..

How can he looked so cool even though he only wore black t-shirt and jeans??

He also had a very long leg.. Ah I was so jealous!

"Ah you're awake. The three of us already had a meal while you were sleeping and there's someone that want to see you."

"Someone wants to see me?"

So they already had a meal, well it was time for dinner anyway.

Someone wanted to see me.. I wonder who it was?

"Umm.. I don't know her name.. But she has a really bright red hair and she is very rude as well. She is a shady fellow for sure."

"Ah! Zhanna-san!"

Zhanna-san was the only red haired female adventurer that I knew.

Beside she did told me that she wanted to talk to me so I couldn't die yet.

"Maybe it's Zhanna. Do you still want to rest? I will tell her to come back later if you do."

"No, I already slept a lot so I feel very refreshed now. I missed lunch too so let's head down together."

I wonder why Zhanna-san wanted to talk to me.

When I realized I had missed lunch, I felt very hungry.

"Then, let's go."


I grabbed my magic bag before I left the room.

Even if I use 'lock' on the room, it didn't bode well to me if I left my magic bag there.

After all, all my money, materials, food and everything that I own was inside my magic bag.

Losing my magic bag would devastate me for sure.

The two of us went down to the first floor to see Fer-san and Chris-san sitting on a big table, along with member of Casablanca and Zhanna-san.

"Ah! Thank you very much for your help! You really saved me back then!"

The guy with the most well defined muscle ran up to me and thanked me as he held both of my hand.

He was the guy that I healed before.

I was glad, even though he was on the brink of death back then, he was very energetic and cheerful right now.

"Okaaay~ Let your hand go now!~" Chris-san said as he knocked that guy hands off  from me.


"What are you doing?! You're hurting him!" One of Casablanca member rose up to defend his party member.

"It was his fault for touching our fiancee carelessly like that." Fer-san replied back.



Was he referring to me..?

I was Fer-san's fiancee?

Ah, no he said 'our' so that meant I was Sig-san's and Chris-san's fiancee too?!


When did I get engaged?!

"What do you mean fiancee?!" Zhanna-san shouted first before I was able to say anything.

Thank you Zhanna-san, for saying what I was feeling out loud..

Chris-san pushed the other guy away and clasped my hand into his and put on his charming smile while saying,"Yup~ Back when we were about to subjugate the dragon, Ren-chan said if the three of us survives, he would marry us all. So before marriage, we have to be engaged first, right? That's why he's our fiancee now~ We will tell Malik-san about this joyful news later~ Oh and we also need to order an ear cuffs and register each other as spouses at the town hall too~ So much stuff to do~"

"E-eh?! I thought you guys were joking around!"

I thought they were joking around to ease the tension in my heart!

I looked at Fer-san's and Sig-san's face, they looked very serious.

They.. weren't joking..?

Suddenly, Sig-san came up from behind me and gently removed Chris-san's hand from me and grabbed my left hand into his own.

He got on one knees and looked at me straight into my eyes while saying, "Ren, I'm being serious here. Even though compared to those two royalty, I'm just a mere commoner but as an adventurer, I actually earn a decent amount of money. I won't let you starve or anything, I will definitely protect you no matter what happen. So.. be my bride, Ren."

He looked so determined that I felt my heart skipped a beat.

"Oi! Wait a minute! Stop ignoring me!!"

"Zhanna, it looks like they're in an important moment so it'd be better if we keep quiet for a second."

Zhanna-san was about to protest more but the member of Casablanca held her down.


These guys..

They seriously wanted to marry me..?

Fer-san also got up from his chair and grabbed my right hand and gently said,"Ren-kun, even though the time we've spent together was short but my feeling for you is genuine. I like you. I don't want to become your boyfriend, I want to become your spouse instead. That's my honest feeling for you. If by any chance you've decided to marry someone else, I will respect your decision even though it pains me but please, won't you consider us to become your spouse?"

I saw Chris-san looked a little conflicted because both of my hand were being hold by Fer-san and Sig-san.

He considered for a moment before he decided to crouch next to Fer-san and stroked my head lovingly as he said,"Fufu~ Ren-chan you don't see us in that way, right? You never consider us as a potential love interest, right? That's why, I beg you would you please start seeing us as one? I want you to start seeing us as potential love interest and maybe a potential husband for you too."

"You guys..Are you guys seriously wants me? I'm afraid that you guys will regret choosing me later.. Because.. I'm you know? You guys are not going to suddenly say 'Teehee we were just fooling you!~' right??"

The three of them were such a wonderful person, I felt like it was such a waste for them to be with someone like me instead.

I thought someone more beautiful and graceful would suit them better.

After all, when Chris-san and I were walking together back in Pedrell, I felt how mismatched the two of us were.

They were so dazzling while I was not.

I was an ordinary person with average looking face.

Chris-san was extremely popular, I was sure Sig-san and Fer-san was also popular too.

The three of them could choose someone much better than me..

I didn't understand why would they want to marry me..

"Don't say such self-deprecating thoughts!"

"Please believe us!"

"Hmm~ I wonder what should we do to make you believe me?"

The three of them exclaimed in unison.

I was happy that they liked me.

And it was not just a fleeting love kind of type, they wanted me to become their bride and be with them forever.

To be loved by three wonderful person like them, of course I would feel delighted.

"Umm.." I trailed.

The three of them were looking at me expectantly, they wanted my answer right here, right now.

If possible, I wanted them to give me more time but..

Yeah, looking at their expression, there was no chance for me to run away from my current situation.

They really had me cornered right now, maybe they knew if I didn't answer them now, I would run away and try to stall them in any way I could.

Since it had come to this, I had to man up and face them properly!

"…I want to always be with everyone but I don't think I can agree to marry you guys just yet. I mean, this is a life changing decision you know? I can't just decide it without giving it a proper thought yet and I never had romantic interest with a man before, you know. That's why, I don't know whether I like you guys in that way yet but I have this feeling of wanting to be by your guys side forever."

Chris-san was right. I never saw them in that light yet.

Back then, I thought they were joking about wanting me to become their bride.

Since I never gave any thought about being their bride for real, I couldn't give them my answer just yet.

"Being proposed out of the blue like this shocked me greatly so can you please give me some time? I heard that, the engagement period is really short because in Alsar, people wants to be able to stay as married couple as soon as they can but I need more time to think thoroughly about this proposal so, will you guys stay by my side until then?"

I was really surprised when I knew they were being serious.

After all, back in Japan I've never been in a serious relationship before.

I was not the popular kind of guy and the relationship between me and my family was quite distant as well..

The relationship I had with my friends was superficial at most.

I thought I would kept on living alone, all by myself without having any real connections with anybody.

That was why..

When they said they wanted to form a party with me, I thought our relationship would end after the subjugation quest was done..

So, when the three of them said they wanted to be with me no matter what..

It brought me an endless joy.

It might be selfish of me, but I didn't want to let them go just yet.

I didn't want someone else to take them away from me just because of my indecisiveness.

Just a little more time, I hope they would give me just a little more time to think about marrying them properly..

"Fufu~ Ren-chan you're so serious about everything~ I understand, you don't want to give us half-hearted answer, right? I really like this side of you~"

"Ren,I want to mark you as mine as soon as I can but if you need more time, then I won't mind waiting."


They accepted my condition that easily?

Ah but Fer-san was still in deep thought..

"I understand. Usually in Alsar the engagement is between 1 week up to 3 months. Ren-kun, how long do you want our engagement period to be?"


1 week?!

"Only 1 week?!"

"Well, for me one day is more than enough..I want you to be my bride as soon as possible."

I thought I'd at least have 1 year of engagement period.

So I'd have 1 year to think whether I wanted to marry them or not..

As I thought, the common sense in Alsar and Earth was really different.

Ah.. What should I do..

I didn't know the longest period was only for 3 months..


I couldn't be like this!

I had to man up! I cannot keep running away!

"I understand! Let's do 3 months period! Since today is 22th June, let's register our marriage at 1 October. How about that?"

"Yay~ If we have that much time then we can order a good cuff for you~"

"What about housing? We haven't thought about it yet."

"Well I think it'd be better if we choose someplace that Ren-kun is familiar with so somewhere in Pedrell would be the best."

The three of them suddenly chattered in excitement.

Even though I already choose the longest time period..


Chris-san said 'if we have that much time'…

So 3 months was not the longest period after all?!

Had I been successfully fallen to their trap?!

As I thought, no matter how different the common sense here, 3 months was still too short !

The three of them must've noticed that I've realized their evil plan because they were smiling at me suspiciously!

Had I just dug my own grave by deciding our marriage registry date..?


T/N: Quick notes! Okay in Japan they sometimes register their marriage first and then held the ceremony later. I think that's the same in Alsar ? Because they only said about registering their marriage in the town hall something. Anyway! I hope you like this chapter and don't forget to leave ratings and reviews on novelupdates if you like this series! Thank you!

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