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Little bun is just a generic way to refer to a baby, usually as a term of endearment. Yes, he does have a name. It’s Feng Ye, first found in Ch 44: Score Announcement.

[Translator/Editor: otwentyfirst]


[Dec. 11th, 2018]


The shengmu pouch, in addition to being warm, cozy and fantastic at coaxing a baby to sleep, was also great for storing miscellaneous things. Little bun’s bottle, diaper, and clothes were inside there as well. Feng Wu didn’t have to use her storage ring for any of little bun’s things at all.

Little bun had just finished drinking his milk when Feng Wu began to feel hungry herself. Fortunately her storage ring was full of goodies from the last two days. She pulled out a delicious chicken leg filling the room with a delicious aroma.

She leisurely nibbled at the leg with one hand while holding the bottle for little bun in the other. It was a tranquil and warm scene. This gentle ambiance was interrupted by a knock at the door. Feng Wu held the chicken leg in one hand as she got up to answer it.

Annika waited behind the door after knocking. When it opened, she saw a girl with a chicken leg in one hand. The sight made her smile. “Hello, you’re Feng Wu right? I’m Annika, a freshman like you. I’m a magician. What about you?”

In front of Feng Wu was a girl with long blond silky hair and light-colored eyes. She was about 170cm (5.5’) tall with skin as fair as snow. She was very pretty with a curvaceous body, except for her boobs. The two lumps on her chest were unfortunately very flat. She was often bullied because of her figure. Seeing another girl who resembled her in that way made her happy and want to be friends with her.

“I’m Feng Wu, a swordmaster.” Tian Ke told her it was polite to introduce herself to other people after they introduced themselves to her.

“Everyone else is here. Why don’t we all eat out together at the Holy Academy dining hall. I hear the quality there is above average. Let’s test it out.”

Annika wasn’t bothered by Feng Wu’s lackluster reply. Even though Feng Wu didn’t say much, Annika could tell from Feng Wu’s eyes that she was a good person, albeit a bit simple.

Feng Wu blinked and finally nodded her head. She turned around and said, “Xiao Bai, take good care of Xiao Ye.”

Xiao Bai waved its hand at her signaling that it had heard her orders and would take good care of the little master.

This surprised Annika. She saw a baby sitting in the crib as cute as can be, like a little angel. She was distracted earlier, so hadn’t noticed the situation inside the bedroom. It wasn’t until Feng Wu turned to speak to the shengmu beast inside that she noticed.

“How is a baby here?!” Annika exclaimed in shock. She found it hard to believe her eyes. Who would raise a baby in the dorms? The average person raised pets OK? However, that was beside the point. The point was that even pets weren’t allowed in the dorms; who would dare raise a baby?!

“He’s mine.” Feng Wu calmly explained. She tilted her head not understanding the reaction she always got. Little bun was obviously very adorable. So why the weird faces all the time?

Annika was confused and startled at the reply. Did Feng Wu truly not understand the question?

“Did you adopt him?” Yeah... it has to be something like that. Feng Wu must have picked the child up out of kindness.

In reality Annika was just overthinking it.

“He’s mine.” Feng Wu bit her lip. She wondered why people found it so hard to believe her.

What? As in… she gave birth to him…? Annika felt like she was in a dream. This girl in front of her, who was smaller than she was, was already a mother? Annika only came back to her senses at the sound of Feng Wu closing her bedroom door.

Although Annika had a lot of questions for Feng Wu, like who was the father of her baby, she knew better than to ask. They weren’t close enough to ask such personal questions yet. Maybe if they got to know each other better...

Feng Wu went downstairs to the living room. Two very sexy put-together looking girls were sitting on the comfortable sofa. One had the adornments of a swordmaster; her hair tied up in a neat high pony tail, while the other had mesmerizing beautiful blue hair and a gentle air about her.

“Feng Wu! What luck! To actually be assigned to the same dorm!” Xi exclaimed happily. Although their time together was short, Feng Wu left a deep impression on her. It was nice to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar place. Xi hadn’t expected to see Feng Wu again after the team split up, so this was a happy surprise.

The girl in blue beside Xi frowned. She didn’t say anything.

“Xi, do you know Feng Wu?” Annika asked, her mind still on the baby upstairs. Unexpectedly, Feng Wu and Xi knew each other.

“We were in the same team back in the virtual world assessment. I didn’t expect we’d be roommates,” Xi said as she smiled.

“Looks like you two have fate together. Oh right! Jasmine, you still haven’t met Feng Wu right? She’s also a swordmaster like Xi. Eh? How aboooout that.” Annika drawled out winking at the group.

Jasmine spoke in a sweet voice as she said, “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.”

Without smiling back, Feng Wu just replied with a short, “Hello.”

This curt response rubbed Jasmine the wrong way. She wasn’t happy at all, but since it was the first day, she decided not to make a fuss over it.

“Well now that everyone’s met, let’s go eat! I’m starving!” Annika rubbed her stomach as it made a slight gurgle as if to emphasize her point.

Xi looked over at Annika and patted her on the shoulder saying, “OK, let’s all go together. I heard the Holy Academy’s dining hall is pretty good and the prices are reasonable. Let’s see how it tastes.”

The four girls locked up and walked over to the dining hall. On the way over Annika chatted merrily with Jasmine and Xi. Feng Wu was quiet the entire trip. The others, realizing she was a naturally reserved person, simply let her be and didn’t pressure her to join in on the conversation.

For her part, Feng Wu really didn’t care. She was supposed to meet with Jier in the dining hall, but wasn’t sure if he had made it there yet.

The dining hall wasn’t too far from the dorms so it didn’t take them long to get there. The building was three stories high. Grades 1-3 dined on the first floor, 4-7 on the second floor, and grade 10 on the third floor. Because of this the best food was found on the third floor. The higher the grade the better the food privileges became.

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