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CHAPTER 3 Applaud for the Emperor

             Jiang Changyu took a deep breath and reminded him, " There is still camera in the room, you should put on some clothes, be careful they could broadcast it.

             "Did you say that?" Shen Qi pointed to the camera that he covered up with his clothes and smiled: "I covered it. Jiang Ge, rest assured, no one will see."

              Why did he put this in his heart ? Jiang Changyu saw that it was useless and left for the bathroom after exchanging a few words with him.

               Shen Qi listened to the sound of water. After a moment, he got down from the Kang and knocked on the bathroom door :"Jiang Ge , would you like me to help you scrub your back ?"

               The sound of water splashing could be heard, and then a faint voice followed : " No." Shen Qi didn't know it was an illusion or not, the voice seemed a bit dull.

              He narrowed his eyes, and said slyly:" Well, if you need any help, call me , I'll be in bed."

              The voice seemed to sigh:" I know."

             Shen Qi raised his eyebrows and then dragged his slippers back to the Kang. Playing with his mobile phone, he picked out three photos from the pictures that he took while eating : A self- portrait, a photo of Jiang Changyu , and a photo of the group of four people and the edited text was sent out.

             Shen Jia XiaoQi : On the successful demonstration of Chasing Stars [fig/fig/fig]

             The entire fan circle knew that Shen XiaoQi was a fan of  Jiang Yingdi. From the time when he was not yet debuted, his Weibo had been active for three years. But there were only two things in the content, one was his diary and other was Jiang Changyu. Among them , Jiang Changyu was the topic most of the time, every day was how Jiang Ge was, Jiang Changyu's Weibo was even praised. Before he debuted, he commented and forwarded it. After the debut, it converged a little, but nonetheless he still praised him(JC) and didn't stop.

             Even the word spread that Shen Qi debuted as a star just to get close to Jiang Changyu.

             So when he posted this Weibo, Shen Qi's fans suddenly cheered, blessings from the heaven and earth, my family's beloved bean finally met with his idol ! They went through the whole Weibo post, and were very happy.

             Even Jiang Changyu's fans saw this and were inexplicably moved. This kind of Chasing their idol journey, was a vivid example of their lives.  Shen Qi still worked hard to get close to his idol, the powder circle's(1) words gave him a good feeling.

            Shen Qi looked at the newly born Sheng CP , smiled, he doesn't need to live life after life, he only needed this world.

             After reading the comments, he opened Ning Yutian's Weibo, the so-called knowing oneself and knowing others, in addition to Jiang Changyu, he privately did an investigation on Ning Yuntian.

             Since, Ning Yuntian was a co-worker in his own company, Sheng Qi knew him a lot more than Jiang Changyu, even before they two met.

             Ning Yuntian looked good, this was nonsense, after all his reputation as an idol was very small, just starting to rise, but as an idol how could he look ugly? Unlike Shen Qi's beauty, he belonged to the handsome category, sharp or not sharp, his appearance gave a harmless feeling, making people feel good.

             Unfortunately, both from the inside and outside, his character was far from harmless.

             His life compared to today's Shen Qi, it was heaven and earth, his mother died when he was young, and his father remarried. His stepmother gave birth to a son and was not good to him. But because he looks good and loved acting, he came alone to Beijing to work hard. It was a coincidence that a group of his photos entered the entertainment circle, and he was signed under the name of a big company.

            Shen Qi and his age was same, this was deliberately arranged by Shen Qi. Before entering the world, he only knew the outline, so he directly entered the same age as Ning Yuntian when he chose to set up. Since Jiang Changyu could be tempted by Ning Yuntian, with or without the system, his analysis was bound to be accurate.

             Originally, he was even planning to approach Ning Yuntian, but he thought about it and dropped the idea. He planned to make a decision after a specific understanding, therefore , there was now the fanboy Shen Qi.

              And in order to be on the safe side, he chose the same process as Ning Yuntian, starting with the program ' The  Pastoral Daily ' .

              For the time being, the progress is still within his expectations.

              Jiang Changyu' character, he had a little understanding,  Ning Yuntian, he knew more about him, then why did Jiang Changyu like Ning Yuntian ? Because of his handsome face ? Or did he show a humble character and forbearance ? Or was the actual reason different ?

              He opened Jiang Changyu's Happiness Value and looked at it  : 20

             A movie emperor with tens of millions of  fans and no shortage of money, his Happiness Value was only twenty. This was not right. Because an average person's Happiness Value was at least fifty, even a criminal in prison had a Happiness Value of forty or thirty.

            If a person feels unhappy on the basis of material satisfaction, it is only spiritual.

            Shen Qi's index finger gently slides on his lower lip, recalling Jiang Changyu's life experiences , thoughtful.

           Ning Yuntian's Weibo had nothing to do with it. He and Shen Qi had just debuted. This kind of external social account had a team to control. From Shen Qi's account to several of the team accounts. The circle didn't pay any attention anymore. Listening to the sound in the bathroom, he re-adjusted his account page.

          Soon, the bathroom door opened and Jiang Changyu walked out.

          " Jiang Ge !" Shen Qi got up from the bed and moved towards the edge of the bed : " You bathe?  Do you want a hair dryer ? I have it in the box ! I heard that there are more mosquitoes in the countryside at night, do you want to wipe yourself with the mosquito repellent water ?"

          Saying that, with one had supported on the bed and other hand extended to get the luggage, in a crouching posture, it appeared as if the whole person surrendered in front of Jiang Changyu.

          The naked back bend into a beautiful arc , with loose-fitted shorts, and because of the posture, the tilt of his butt.... Jiang Changyu closed his eyes, probably it was too hot recently, which made him somewhat impetuous.

          " No, I don't need a hair dryer in this hot weather, I can just wipe it off, it's cool, I have a mosquito repellent water and there are mosquito nets,which is in fact better. "

           In turn he was concerned about Shen Qi's two sentences :

          "The mountain is cold in the middle of the night, you'd better wear a shirt and be careful of the cold. "

           "Don't play with you mobile phone. Usually you have to start he recording at 7: 30 the next day. Getting up late is not a good clip. "

           There were three seniors and he was the newcomer, if he was late, it would be a black mark.

           Shen Qi understood, looking up at Jiang Changyu, his eyes were bright : hey, the idol is reminding me ! It's a step closer to the idol !

           " Thank you Jiang Ge , I will - aiyo(2) !"

            He had intended to sit down in front of the suitcase, but because he climbed too far, he staggered from the bed.

            This happened in front of Jiang Changyu, he couldn't be indifferent, he reached out and caught him.

            Shen Qi was shocked. The fall would be very painful. he might even be injured. In such dire circumstances , he caught something immediately like a driftwood and hugged it tightly.

            " Ai yo ma(3) !"

             He was haunted by the scare.

             " Thank you Jiang Ge."

              He slowed down, looked up and thanked Jiang Changyu, his face was smiling, the kind of embarrassed smile. 

            Jiang Changyu quietly stepped back a little to push him away. The young naked body was hugged by him, and his delicate and smooth texture made him feel a little hot.

            A thin layer of cloth is almost equivalent to a skin. He was not a straight man. This was tantamount to giving him a hug, he was indifferent , not a saint. Maybe he really needed to find someone.
            These thoughts in his mind flashed. He picked up the towel that fell on the ground : " It nothing. I am going to sleep, you go to bed early, good night."

           "Jiang Ge , good night !" Shen Qi didn't seem to notice, cheerfully waving.

            A good night's sleep.

            He slept too early at night and he opened his eyes at half past seven. The probe was smashed in the past and others were still sleeping. The clothes on the camera were taken off before he went to sleep. He also wanted to edit the image of sleeping and early morning activities . Glancing at the camera while he was moving, he took the wash bag  into the bathroom.

          There was no camera in the bathroom.

          After the simple washing, the bathroom door was closed halfway , and a cigarette was placed near the toilet where the camera couldn't see.

         Shen Qi never treated himself  badly, even  if the character setting for each task was different, but other small details were loyal to himself, whether it was his eating habits or other hobbies, he tried to be close to himself , illusionary, true or false, it was never the secret of failure.

         It was his habit to get up early and light a cigarette.

         The smoke was only halfway through and there was a movement outside. It seemed that someone came in. Although the steps were light, it could still be heard in this quiet room.

          The footsteps seemed to pass over the bed and came towards the bathroom .

          While Shen Qi's heart sped, he didn't immediately annihilate the smoke. Instead, he pinched the remaining half of the cigarette and leaned back to look out of the window.

          The bathroom had a small window, from his point of view, he could see the lush branches just outside , while the morning light was falling on it.

           "Shen Qi ?"

            The half open door of the bathroom was pushed open and it was Jiang Changyu.

             Seeing the situation inside, he was a little awkward.

              The young man , in a white t- shirt and khaki shorts , sat on the toilet seat, his right leg raised , revealing a beautiful calf , the right hand laid on his knees leisurely,  the smoke between the slender fingers wa half burned and the side-profile looking out of the window, seemed to be in a daze.

              The hair had just been washed, wet and messy pulled above the forehead , the forehead was exposed and the rising smoke , provided a different image from the fresh boy of yesterday. The face was devoid of a smile and it looked a little cold.

              Jiang Changyu couldn't help but blink his eyes.

              Seemingly aware of an outsider's intrusion , the youth turned his head, the cold kind of other charm disappeared instantly , stunned and panicked , he almost jumped from the toilet seat : " Jiang Jiang Jiang, Jiang Ge ...."

             He looked at the smoke in his hand , turned his head and looked for something that could be used to crush the cigarette butt and throw it away.

             Jiang Changyu stepped forward,  and the slender fingers took the remaining half of the cigarette lightly from his hand and then with a shy and blushing expression , put it in his mouth, gently sucking.

              He leaned slightly against the wall , only half an arm away from Shen Qi , and blew out the smoke ring. He glanced at him (SQ) deeply , across the smoke , as if there was any essence.

             Shen Qi's face was red , and he took out the cigarette case from the side , stuttering : " There are new ones here..."

           Smoking a total of one cigarette  is not excessive in men , perhaps because there were ghosts in his heart, or perhaps because of Jiang Changyu's eyes , he felt embarrassed.

            Jiang Changyu did not take it , but after three or two smokes later , he suddenly stepped forward .

           After Shen Qi moved back towards the toilet seat, there was no way to retreat,  his legs were stretched and his body was leaning back : " Jiang, Jiang Ge ... "

           It was too close, too embarrassing.

           Jiang Changyu took one step further and looked down at him , his eyes deep and quiet, creating a strange atmosphere. He smiled whispered , but maybe  because he just had a smoke , his voice was hoarse and sexy : " How ?"

           Shen Qi's heart beat like drums , his face blushing to the point of dripping blood .

         Was it ? Could it be ?

           Jiang Ge was also like him ....

          Jiang Changyu looked at his (SQ) trembling eyelashes and gave a chuckle. He (JC) pulled back the next second and threw the cigarette butt that had been crushed on the toilet lid into the trash can.

          "Alright, smoking is normal , but after all , the show records , so be careful ."

           He patted the shoulders of the youth , eyes clear , smile gentle , as if the previous affair was just an illusion.

          Hey, Shen Qi's heart chuckled.

 The author has something to say :

Shen Qi : All seduction that is not for the purpose of love-making is illusory.

(1) powder circle - shipping fans AKA us :p
(2) aiyo - exclamation of surprise 
(3) just like the above foot note an exclamation of surprise, though the mention of 'ma' as in mother is just instinctual while expressing surprise

T/N : Finally some progress ! Anyway this will be the only update this week as my exams are going on . So readers of POTF , bring out your worst tomatoes *dives into the ocean*  Sorry !!


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