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Episode 21: Sperm Lottery

Today, I gathered the students in order to hold a freshman welcoming party.

All the students were clad in gorgeous dresses prepared by the academy. And, while they were all groomed beautifully, the parts of the luxurious gowns which covered the chest and nether regions were cut off, resulting in their boobs and pussies being completely exposed.

Even though they looked like nymphomaniacs no matter how one saw it, not a single one of them thought in their heads that their appearance was weird in the slightest.

Instead of being ashamed and attempting to conceal themselves with their hands, everyone daringly exposed their privates to the open air as if trying to make it easier for others to see them.

Although I enjoyed admiring a selection of this country’s cute sluts, this time’s main event is the sperm lottery.

Using the pregnant-bellied little girl prince, who, in order to protect the populace, declared that she will squeeze out my sperm with a serious expression, we are going to transfer the semen she had laboured to squeeze in her womb into the wombs of the gathered students using transfer magic.

The moment I ejaculated into the pregnant-bellied loli prince, the transfer magic activated and someone amongst the female students gathered in the meeting place raised an amorous cry.

An energetic-looking girl with a pony-tail hairstyle blissfully screamed as a turbid liquid drooled from her nether region.

The surrounding students celebrated her.

However, after having the sperm she painstakingly squeezed stolen from her, the loli prince made a complex expression.

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